Malleswararao Tangi

Malleswararao Tangi

Assistant Professor

  0361 2564100
  malli @ iitg ⋅ ac ⋅ in

Research Interest:

Quantum materials, Semiconductors, Epitaxial thin films, Nanowires, Spintronics, Optoelectronicsswitching, Spin orbit torque, Non-collinear spin textures.  Research in our group is especially associated with the preparation of high-quality Quantum Materials to understand  the fundamental physics behind the diverse emergent phenomena. Quantum materials is a vibrant research area in conjunction with  condensed matter physics and materials science that can no longer be explained by the classical or semiclassical treatment.  Our group extensively explores such materials to unveil the fascinating low dimensional physics such as phase coherent quantum transport,  quantum confinement effect for energy saving spintronics, optoelectronics and quantum computing applications.  Thereby our research paves a path for mankind to possess technologically advanced and comfortable lifestyle.    

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