Internal Committee will examine all matters relating to women in the workplace and will make suggestions and proposals to the institute administration regarding such matters.


The committee will arrange programs on Women’s Day and at other times, as is deemed necessary.

a) The committee will admit complaints from
  • Female employees on harassment and discrimination in the workplace by other employees.
  • Female students on harassment and discrimination in the classroom and in relation to academic activities by faculty and staff.
  • Female residents on harassment, assault and other forms of misbehavior by employees.
b) The committee will follow relevant Acts, Rules, OM of Government of India and Court Orders etc as applicable from time to time.
c) The Committee will institute Enquiry Committee as it deems fit to examine particular complaints.
d) The Committee will make recommendations on actions to be taken on specific complaints.


The Committee will report to the Director.

The Committee

Member Email Office No. Personal No.
Prof. Shakuntala Mahanta
Professor, HSS
smahanta@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2565
Prof. Hemant B. Kaushik
Professor, Civil Engineering
hemantbk@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2427
Prof. Debarshi Das
Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
debarshidas@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2569
Dr. Sonali Chouhan
Associate Professor, EEE
sonali@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2522
Mrs. Monalisa Kakati
Asst. Registrar, Students Affairs
kakati_m@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2189
Dr. P Sarmah
Sr. Medical Officer
archie.1981@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2102
Mrs. Kanka Sarma
Accounts Officer
k_basak@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2030
Mr. Sanjay Mandal
Asst. Registrar, PRBR
sm@iitg.ac.in 0361 258 2006
Mrs. Anurita Pathak Hazarika
State Division NE Networks
External Member

The following invitees as detailed below would additionally be part of the ICC in such matters where one or both the parties involved are the students of the Institute:

1. Associate Dean of Students' Affairs-2
2. Chairman, Students' Welfare Board
3. Vice President, Students' Gymkhana
4. General Secretary, Students' Welfare Board
5. Student Representative of Girls' Hostel (General Secretary, Subansiri and General Secretary, Dhansiri)

Your Complaint

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