For making a direct phone call to any IITG Intercom Number: Dial 258 XXXX , where XXXX is the extension number.
For Telephone Complaints : 2915 (Academic & Admin Cplx),2906 (Residential Complex), 2909 (All Hostels & Guest House)
  Complaint can be booked online at IITG complaint booking
For queries dial 2055, email :

IITG Administration Departments Campus
Director Biosciences and Bioengineering Guest House
Deputy Director Chemical Engineering Gymkhana
Deans Chemistry Hostels      |    Married Hostel
Registrar Civil Engineering Others
Office Numbers (Departments, Centres, Sections etc) Computer Science & Engineering Akshara School
Sections Design GIAN NE
Academic Affairs Electronics & Electrical Engineering Kendriya Viddyalaya IITG
Administration Humanities and Social Sciences TIC
Alumni Affairs and External Relations Mathematics Guwahati Biotech Park
Central Library Mechanical Engineering   
Internal Audit Physics Quarters
Engineering Section
   - Campus Beautification and Horticulture
   - Electrical
Centres Residence and Office No's of Quarter Residence
Central Instruments Facility Utility Services
Centre for Educational Technology Inside Campus
Maintenance Centre for Energy Airlines
Establishment Centre for Environment Ambulance
Faculty Affairs Centre for Nanotechnology Fire Brigade
Finance & Accounts Computer & Communication Centre Hospital
Medical Centre for Career Development Cable TV    |    LPG Gas Cylinder
Public Relations Centre for Rural Technology Night Service Chemist
Research & Development Centre for Creativity Hotel
Security Cells Police
Stores & Purchase GATE / JAM Railway
Students' Affairs JEE Travels
Outreach Education Programme PRIR Office