For making a direct phone call to any IITG Intercom Number: Dial 258 XXXX , where XXXX is the extension number.
For Telephone Complaints : 2915 (Academic & Admin Cplx),2906 (Residential Complex), 2909 (All Hostels & Guest House)
  Complaint can be booked online at IITG complaint booking
For queries dial 2055, email :

IITG Administration Departments Campus
Director Biosciences and Bioengineering Guest House
Deputy Director Chemical Engineering Gymkhana
Deans Chemistry Hostels      |    Married Hostel
Registrar Civil Engineering Others
Office Numbers (Departments, Centres, Sections etc) Computer Science & Engineering Akshara School
Sections Design GIAN NE
Academic Affairs Electronics & Electrical Engineering Kendriya Viddyalaya IITG
Administration Humanities and Social Sciences TIC
Alumni Affairs and External Relations Mathematics Guwahati Biotech Park
Central Library Mechanical Engineering  Quarters
Internal Audit Physics Resident A - Type & B - Type
Engineering Section
   - Campus Beautification and Horticulture
   - Electrical
Central Instruments Facility Utility Services
Centre for Educational Technology Inside Campus
Maintenance Centre for Energy Airlines
Establishment Centre for Environment Ambulance
Faculty Affairs Centre for Nanotechnology Fire Brigade
Finance & Accounts Computer & Communication Centre Hospital
Medical Centre for Career Development Cable TV    |    LPG Gas Cylinder
Public Relations Cells Night Service Chemist
Research & Development GATE / JAM Hotel
Security JEE Police
Stores & Purchase PEER REVIEW Railway
Students' Affairs Misc Travels
Outreach Education Programme QIP