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B. Tech. Engineering Physics (EP):

The department of physics started a four year B. Tech. Engineering Physics Program in 2006 to train the bright students as engineer along with essential knowledge on physics and applied physics. In this program, the courses are designed systematically to offer an overall knowledge of physics including experimental techniques with modern equipments. The department also offers specialized courses for the B. Tech. program to provide exposure to the advances in science and technology with deeper insight. All the passing out students of first batch of B. Tech. Engineering Physics Program have got either industrial placement or got admission in to various prestigious universities in US/Europe for higher studies.

Admission to B. Tech. (EP) Program:

The admission to our 4 year B. Tech. (EP) Program is through All India Joint Entrance Examination test (IIT - JEE) conducted jointly by all IITs. For more information on the admission procedure and registration, please refer to http://www.iitg.ac.in and follow the JEE link.

  • To oversee the conduct of all undergraduate courses of the department.

  • To ensure academic standard and excellence of the courses offered by the department.

  • To discuss and recommend the syllabi of all the undergraduate courses offered by the department from time to time before sending the same to the Institute Undergraduate Programme Committee (IUPC).

  • To consider any matter related to the undergraduate programme of the department.

  • To help the students in planning their courses of study and getting general advice on the academic programme.

  • Every student is required to register for the approved courses through the Faculty Advisor at the commencement of each semester on the day fixed for such registration and notified in the Academic Calendar.