Message from the Head

Bosanta Ranjan Boruah
Head, Department of Physics
hodphy [at], brboruah [at];

The Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, is nearly a quarter century old, and has made it's mark at national and international levels. Based on the solid foundation of state of the art undergraduate and masters degree programmes, the department is thriving with cutting edge research done by 40 member strong faculty and over a 100 research students. The department has lately gained remarkable visibility by producing brilliant undergraduate, masters and Ph.d. students who are employed in various world renowned institutes and industries as well as by being part of numerous collaborative efforts with the leading groups in the areas of condensed matter physics, laser and photonics, high energy physics and gravitation, cosmology and astrophysics. The department encourages young and brilliant minds to join various programmes of the department and engage themselves in interdisciplinary research by associating themselves with various focused research centres and Engineering departments of IIT Guwahati. Being a part of the premier technological school of the country, the department offers a broad spectrum of the fabulous innovations and applications of ideas in basic sciences to make an impact in the international arena. Our faculties, research staff and technical support staffs are always eager to explore new ideas and challenges associated with basic and applied physics problems which can make significant contributions to our understanding of the nature. We look forward to work with you and would highly appreciate your support in our journey.

Former Heads of the Department

Prof. Y V G S Murti

Prof. Sasanka Ghosh

Prof. A Srinivasan

Prof. Alika Khare

Prof. Seenipandian Ravi

Prof. Saurabh Basu

Prof. Poulose Poulose

Prof. Subhradip Ghosh

Prof. Perumal Alagarsamy