Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)

The Quantum Design DynaCool is an instrument designed to measure a variety of a sample's physical properties while controlling the conditions experienced by the sample. DynaCool is a completely redesigned instrument that provides all the capabilities of the PPMS without the need for any liquid cryogens. Various measurements such as VSM, heat capacity, Thermal conductivity, Seeback Coefficient, Electrical resistance, ACMS etc. can be performed using the system. This facility was developed under DST-FIST (Phase II) project.

Rotating Anode X-ray Diffractrometer

The Rigaku TTRAX III is the most widely used diffractometer all over the world. Both thin film diffraction and the determination of trace phases in powdered samples benefit greatly from its 18 kW rotating anode X-ray source. Experimental capabilities include standard powder diffraction, glancing incidence diffraction, in-plane diffraction, high resolution diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). This facility was developed under DST-FIST (Phase I) project.

Newton Cluster

Under DST-FIST (Phase I) project department has procured 8-node (128 Core) PBS cluster and configured it for running parallel jobs that are supporting immensely the scholars working in the computational and numerical fields of Physics.

Stylus Surface Profilometer

Veeco (Dektak 150) used for thickness and roughness of thin films. It has scan length of 55mm to 200mm, maximum thickness range (vertical) of 1mm, vertical resolution of 1. This facility was developed under DST-FIST (Phase I)Project