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The Department of Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati offers a 2-year M.Sc. programme in Mathematics. This programme blends relevant theoretical, computational and applicable mathematics courses. Students are exposed to advanced research topics through electives and a mandatory one-semester project work.

At the end of the programme, students acquire sound analytical and practical knowledge to formulate and solve challenging problems and are well prepared to take up jobs in research and development organizations or to pursue higher studies in mathematical sciences.

Round-the clock access to computer labs and a large up-to-date library help students to supplement their knowledge. The department has a state-of-the-art computing laboratory equipped with several PCs and servers, which are connected to the cluster supercomputer of the institute. Regional Library of the National Board for Higher Mathematics is also housed at lIT Guwahati.

Course Structure (Effective from 2023 batch) |

Course Structure (Effective from 2023 batch)

Semester I

Code Course Name L–T-P Credits
MA511 Computer Programming 3-0-2 8
MA501 Discrete Mathematics 3-1-0 8
MA521 Modern Algebra 3-1-0 8
MA522 Linear Algebra 3-1-0 8
MA541 Real Analysis 3-1-0 8
Total Credit   15-4-2 40

Semester II

Code Course Name L–T-P Credits
MA547 Complex Analysis 3-1-0 8
MA548 Ordinary Differential Equations 3-1-0 8
MA549 Topology 3-1-0 8
MA591 Optimization Techniques 3-1-0 8
Total Credit   15-5-0 40

Semester III

Code Course Name L–T-P Credits
MA543 Functional Analysis 3-1-0 8
MA567 Partial Differential Equations 3-1-0 8
MA572 Numerical Analysis 3-0-2 8
MA550 Measure Theory 3-1-0 8
MA---- Elective 3-0-0 6
Total Credit   15-3-2 38

Semester IV

Code Course Name L–T-P Credits
MA---- Elective 3-0-0 6
MA---- Elective 3-0-0 6
MA---- Elective 3-0-0 6
MA---- Elective 3-0-0 6
MA599 Project 0-0-14 14
Total Credit   12-0-14 38

* Courses for Any Semester [If a course in this column is offered in Odd Semseter, then it will not be offered in even semester for the same academic year]