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Galois Theory

Code: MA622 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-0-6

Prerequisites: MA521 (Modern Algebra) or equivalent

Field extensions, algebraic extensions, minimal polynomials, separable and normal extensions; Automorphism groups, fixed fields, Galois extensions, Galois groups; Fundamental theorem of Galois theory, Galois closure; Galois groups of finite fields; Cyclotomic extensions, abelian extensions over rationals, Kronecker-Weber theorem; Galois groups of polynomials, symmetric functions, discriminant, Galois groups of quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomials; solvable extensions, radical extensions, solution of polynomial equations in radicals, insolvability of the quintic; cyclic extensions, Kummer theory, Artin-Schreier extensions; Galois groups over rationals, transcendental extensions, infinite Galois groups.


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