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Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

Code: MA611 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-0-6

 Prerequisites: MA541 or equivalent

Local theory of plane and space curves, Curvature and torsion formulas, Serret-Frenet formulas, Fundamental Theorem of space curves. Regular surfaces, Change of parameters, Differentiable functions, Tangent plane, Differential of a map. First and second fundamental form. Orientation, Gauss map and its properties, Euler's Theorem on principal curvatures. Isometries, and Gauss' Theorema Egregium. Parallel transport, Geodesics, Gauss-Bonnet theorem and its applications to surfaces of constant curvature. Hopf-Rinow's theorem, Bonnet's theorem, Jacobi fields, Theorems of Hadamard. Riemann's Habilitationsvortrag.


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