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Understanding Statistical Learning Theory

Code: MA690 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-0-6

Prerequisites: MA225 or MA 323 or MA590 or equivalent

Course Content/ Syllabus: Probabilistic Formulations of Prediction Problems; Linear Threshold Functions and the Perceptron Algorithm; Minimax Risk Bounds for Linear Threshold Functions; Kernel Methods: Support Vector Machines; Review of Constrained Optimization; Soft-margin SVMs, Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces; Representer theorem; Constructing kernels; Convex loss versus 0-1 loss; logistic regression; softmax regression; Regularization; AdaBoost; AdaBoost and large margin classifiers; AdaBoost; Risk bounds; Concentration inequalities ; Glivenko-Cantelli classes and Rademacher averages; Rademacher averages and Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension; Sauer's Lemma; Rademacher averages and growth function; Growth function bounds for parameterized binary classes; Covering numbers; Model selection; Online learning: Halving algorithm. Exponential weights; Online convex optimization: gradient descent; Online convex optimization: mirror descent; Online convex optimization: ridge regression, lasso, elastic net, k-nearest neighbour, adaptivity; Convex optimization in a combined regression (Cobra), XGBoost and Adaboost set up; Formulation of Neural network, recommendation systems as Non-convex optimization with specific theoretical analysis ; Follow the perturbed leader, online shortest path; Online bandit problems; Universal portfolios; Online to batch conversions.


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