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Advanced Statistical Algorithms

Code: MA691 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-0-6

Prerequisites: MA 471 or equivalent

Introduction to probability distributions. Basics of estimation and testing of hypothesis( frequentist approach, bayesian approach ). Discrete and continuous multivariate distributions (multinomial, multivariate normal etc); Different Censoring algorithms and its application (Type-I , Type-II, hybrid, progressive.); Advanced EM algorithm (higher dimensional estimation); Bayesian filters ( Kalman Filter, Extended Kalman, Particle Filter and their applications). Advanced Monte Carlo Techniques: Importance sampling, Monte Carlo Markov Chain and its variations (EM MCMC, Slice sampling, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo etc). Basics of Hidden Markov Model (forward backward algorithm, Viterbi algorithm, Baum-welch algorithm). Deep learning techniques (Back propagation, autoencoder, restricted Boltzmann machine etc); Genetic Algorithm: single objective GA, multi - objective NSGA.


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