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Ordinary Differential Equations

Code: MA548 | L-T-P-C: 3-1-0-8

Prerequisites: Nil

First order non-linear differential equations: Existence and Uniqueness problem, Gronwall’s inequality, Peano existence theorem, Picard existence and uniqueness theorem, interval of definition. Second order linear differential equations: general solution for homogeneous equations, superposition of solutions, methods of solution for non-homogeneous problems, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, series solutions for ODEs, types of singularity, solution at an ordinary point, solution at a singular point. nth order linear differential equations: system of equations, homogeneous system of equations, fundamental matrix, Abel-Liouville formula, system of non-homogeneous equations, stability of linear systems. Theory of two-point BVP: Green’s functions, properties of Green’s functions, Adjoint and self-adjoint BVP. Strum-Liouville’s problem, orthogonal functions, eigenvalues and eigen functions, completeness of the eigen functions.


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