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Numerical Linear Algebra

Code: MA571 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-2-8

Prerequisites: MA522 Linear Algebra

Fundamentals - overview of matrix computations, norms of vectors and matrices, singular value decomposition (SVD), IEEE floating point arithmetic, analysis of roundoff errors, stability and ill-conditioning; Linear systems - LU factorization, Gaussian eliminations, Cholesky factorization, stability and sensitivity analysis; Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and successive overrelaxation methods; Linear least-squares - Gram- Schmidt orthonormal process, rotators and reflectors, QR factorization, stability of QR factorization; QR method linear least-squares problems, normal equations, Moore- Penrose inverse, rank deficient least-squares problems, sensitivity analysis. Eigenvalues and singular values - Schur's decomposition, reduction of matrices to Hessenberg and tridiagonal forms; Power, inverse power and Rayleigh quotient iterations; QR algorithm, implementation of implicit QR algorithm; Sensitivity analysis of eiegnvalues; Reduction of matrices to bidiagonal forms, QR algorithm for SVD.

Software Support: MATLAB.


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