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Graphs and Matrices

Code: MA601 | L-T-P-C: 3-0-0-6

Matrices, Eigenvalues of symmetric matrices, Graphs. Incidence Matrix, Rank, Minors, 0-1 Incidence matrix, Matchings in bipartite graphs. Adjacency Matrix, Eigenvalues of some graphs, Determinant, Bounds, Energy of a graph, Antiadjacency matrix of a directed graph, Nonsingular trees. Laplacian Matrix, Basic properties, Computing Laplacian eigenvalues, Matrix-tree theorem, Bounds for Laplacian spectral radius, Edge-Laplacian of a tree.Cycles and Cuts, Fundamental cycles and fundamental cuts, Fundamental matrices, Minors.Regular Graphs, Perron–Frobenius theory, Adjacency algebra of a regular graph, Complement and line graph of a regular graph, Strongly regular graphs and friendship theorem, Graphs with maximum energy.Line Graph of a Tree, Block graphs, Signless Laplacian matrix, Nullity of the line graph of a tree. Algebraic Connectivity, Classification of trees, Monotonicity properties of Fiedler vector, Bounds for algebraic connectivity. Distance Matrix of a Tree, Distance matrix of a graph, Distance matrix and Laplacian of a tree, Eigenvalues of the distance matrix of a tree. Positive Definite Completion Problem, Nonsingular completion, Chordal graphs, Positive definite completion.


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