Design of Packaged Water Filling System

Drinking Water Bulk Bottling System

Safe drinking water use by caterar , instant hot bevearage making machine, indoor use in office etc., packaged water is bottled in bulk container of 20 litres. Bottling systems for this purpose is very expensive for SMEs in NER, where consumption is very low as yet. Thus units in NER uses locally fabricated system to meet this requirement.

System Prior to Design was a piecemeal approach, had a discontinuous physical and visual characteristics. Workers were also not ready to man the system single handedly inspite of the low work load, as they perceived the system consisting of 3 sub-systems.

Aim of this project was to design a cost effective, high productive streamlined system to be locally fabricated but meeting all FPO requirement and to be maned by single operator.

After design of the system, it had the physical and visual continuity and workers single handedly managed the system.








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