Design of Jute composite based components for Dipbahan and Design upgradation to Dipbahan+

IITG-IJIRA Initiative for Jute Composite in Dipbahan and
IITG-Timsteel Innovatives Initiative for Dipbahan design upgradation
Sponsored Projects:

Once Dipbahan became successful in the market, further development was initiated for design upgradation including introduction of bio-composite components based on Jute fibre. This activity required design development of these components for the Dipbahan.
Initial effort was to replace seat and seat back with Jute Composite that was earlier made traditional way. Integrated approach in implementation and development of the Dipbahan for better aesthetics and integrity required scope of the work to be extended. Finally design development and implementation was for floor board (2 nos.- front and back), side panels (2 nos.- right and left), rear wheel mudguards (2 nos.- right and left), rear panel for advertisement space and the canopy. Effort was to replace aluminium sheet covered floor boards, netted structure at side and back used for covering luggage space, sheetmetal rear wheel mudguards, and rear panel & synthetic canvas based canopy. Entire structure of Dipbahan was redesigned and the newer version was branded as Dipbahan+
Sponsored Amount: Rs. 1.50 Lacs excluding material and labour input costs paid by sponsors themselves.


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