Transportation Design
Consultancy Project

Design and Prototyping of Aeroboat

Flood causes disaster and havoc with sudden flooding of land to various depth and when it water level is shallow, mechanised underwater propeller based boats can not be used. Similarly during winter many river dries out or water level becomes very low for operating mechanised boat.Hovercrafts can overcome this situation but are expensive and operational cost is high.

A midway solution is Aeroboat, flat bottom boats with aero propeller that can operate in shallow water os as low as 30 centimeters.

This project was initiated for design refinement of an aeroboat and its prototyping. Design refinement work has been completed and prototyping is in advance stage. Most of the aggregates are outsourced from existing common 4 wheel automobiles and hovercraft industry to reduce cost, improved maintenance and repairability.
Aeroboat will be finally manufactured in FRP with tubular structure embedded for reinforcement.
It can seat 10 adults comfortably and can be used for either passengers or carrying relief materials and teams to disaster area.


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