Design, development and Prototyping of
Iron Removal Filter

Potable Water Project for Defence

Defence Research Laboratory, Tezpur had designed and developed a deferrization unit made of Mild Steel to remove excess Iron from drinking water with a capacity of 300 litres per hour.

The water deferrization unit consists of Filtration tank, Aeration system, Aeration system cover, doser tank stand and Doser tank
However in addition to its heavy weight, this unit used to be short lasting due to rusting and DRL, Tezpur wanted IIT Guwahati to design it in appropriate materials.

Design was initiared in Fibre Glass Reinforced plastics. After design, all patterns, moulds were fabricated inhouse in Department of Design, IITG and 6 units were fabricated in IITG for field trial by DRL, Tezpur and IITG. Design and Technology has been forwarded to DRL, Tezpur for commercialisation.

The new Iron Removal filter unit is 25 % lighter in weight but costs 15% higher and lasts much longer. Research work is continuing for design of smaller unit and portable unit for army jawans with a maximum weight of 1 Kg.

Sponsored amount: Rs 12.00 lacs


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