Design of a Tricycle Rickshaw -
Dipbahan for employment Generation

Design of a Tricycle Rickshaw
IITG-NEDFI Initiative- for Income Generation
Sponsored Project

The current practice for meeting the localized transportation needs of the population is varied and dependant on region, culture, economic capabilities, geographical locations and local administration. The issues of meeting localized transportation needs of vast masses of population that can not afford a personal vehicle and many lanes and streets are narrower to accommodate cars and buses needs consideration for alternative viable means that are contextual. Human powered tricycle rickshaw fulfills this need. An attractive, aesthetically pleasing, manually driven utility tricycle rickshaw can benefit a large number of populations even living on bare minimum resources. It would also generate employment to a large number of unemployed youth as rickshaw pullers.

A tricycle rickshaw has been designed, developed and prototyped under a project for income generation activity related design development and commercial production started after successful transfer of Design and Technology. It has being implemented as Rickshaw Bank Project by an NGO, Center for Rural Development, Guwahati.

Sponsored amount: Rs. 1.57 lacs
for 1st phase.


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