Design of a Semi-Automatic Loinloom for Women.
KVIC-IIT Guwahati TBU project

Sponsored Project

Ethnic, colour coded tribal textiles of NER can only be produced using loin loom, a primitive loom without any physical frame structure. There are 1 million loin loom in NER. Material woven is of plain weave structure. Very short warp length of 1 to 2 pieces of fabric of their use like shawl, bag, scarves etc. of narrow width of less than 50 cm is woven each time. In absence of reed, fabric woven has very high warp density and is predominant over weft, warp ends are visible and weft picks are hidden. Because of this there if no colour dilution like fly-shuttle handloom due to presence of reed and resultant interlacement of warp ends & weft picks regulated by reed count. Material woven in loin loom is very compact, thick and durable. Solid extra weft design can be imparted.

Under KVIC interface, a project for development of Loin loom is being implemented. Two models of looms has been designed and trial taken. Based on these trial, technology developed has been transferred to an NGO for field trial and feedback is favourable.

The greatest advantage of the findings from this project is that the existing 4 poster handloom itself can be used for weaving fabrics having loinloom texture.



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