Bamboo Processing Machinery Design Evaluation, Revalidation and Certification

Design Evaluation, Re-validation and Certification of Bamboo Processing Machineries.

Consultancy Project

Although consultancy work originally involved design evaluation and re-validation of the bamboo processing machineries developed by a local Small Enterprise, Anmol Machinery House, it led to providing design input to the manufacturer to improve various aspects from design to safety of the st of machines. Certification of these machines were also carried out later.

Above work was carried out along with
Prof. S Nadkarni and
Prof. K Ramachandran.

Further consultancy work offered to self and handled accordingly.

Project undertaken for
Development Commissioner (Handicraft),
Ministry of Textiles, Government of India
Consultancy amount: Rs. 2.55 lacs

Certification of Bamboo Processing Machinery work was offered by Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation, Government of Arunachal Pradesh and was carried out along with Prof. K Ramachandran.
Consultancy amount: Rs. 1.28 lacs


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