Multi-purpose Tricycle for different user including Lower limb Disabled person

Transportation Design

Self Initiated Design Project

Aim of the project was to design a environmental friendly space frame based Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)- a tricycle for multipurpose use including usage by persons with lower limb Disability.

Special features of the trycycle:

Eco-friendly Tri-cycle for institutional campus that are quite big as well as airports, docks, recreational theme parks, big factory where distance from one place to another is significant to walk.

Tricycle is functional, protects one from the adverse elements of nature, ergonomically designed and it has a aesthetically pleasing form.

It can be used for various activities including for physical fitness and a leisurely vehicle for evening outings.

It has been modified for use by lower limb disabled persons and customized to be powered by solar energy using photovoltaic cell for power generation.

For optimum use of combination of energy sources, sophisticated electronics can be used for controlling the motorized operation using electric prime movers in conjunction with manual effort.


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