Design of Road Maintenance System: Mobile Road Maintenance System (MRMS)

Consultancy Project

Aim of the project was to:
Design Evaluation and Redesigning of Mobile Road Maintenance System (MRMS) for addressing the pothole management problem in hilly terrain with emulsion based technology.
The whole system is mounted on a truck chasis and can provide service anywhere in the designated terrain irrespective of rain or sun.

Group work initiallystarted with
Prof. S Nadkarni,
Prof. K Ramachandran,
Prof. A D Sahasrabudhe,
Dr. U S Dixit and
Dr. R Kalaga
Prof. S Nadkarni retired prior to completion of the project and Dr. R Kalaga left IITG.

In addition to contribution in the overall design concept, specific input was in the area of control panel design along with design of liquid distribution and controlling system for MRMS. Added responsibility was for translation of the design into scaled model

Project undertaken for
Director General, Border Roads Organisation, Govt. of India.

Consultancy amount: Rs. 6.60 lacs


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