Home Design of Agricultural machinery: Vrishav a three wheel power tiller

Redesign of a Power Tiller

Product Design Project 2
Guide : Prof. U A Athavankar
IDC, IIT Mumbai

A power tiller is suitable for majority of the Indian agriculturist since they own on an average only 2-3 acres of agricultural land. But because of related cost and limitations in transporting people, power tiller remained only as an agricultural implement and hardly used for 45 days a year.

Aim of the project was to:
Redesign a riding type power tiller made by CTARA, IIT Mumbai as a Design of Experiment prototype. New design should provide multiple utility in addition to agricultural operation through provision to carry extra persons when not used in field, provide multiple utility and ease of manufacturing in limited numbers.

The tiller is mid-engined with a y-type chasis . Transmission is through Jaw clutch type gear.

Body is made out of FRP, rust proof and suitable for low volume batch production.

It also has a dismantlable top structure covered with canvas to protect the operator and the passangers from elements of nature.








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