The National Education Policy – NEP 2020 has empowered Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati to establish a multi-disciplinary Research and Education hub with the able and generous support from Mehta Family FoundationJyoti and Bhupat Mehta School of Health Sciences and Technology.

The school is envision to inculcate futuristic academic curricula, state-of-art research facilities, high-impact R&D, National and International collaborations, and translation in the areas related to biomedical science and engineering. The school is also envisioned to indulge into deeper scientific aspects related to medicine and develop technologies, which help in ensuring ‘Health for All’.

The school is also envisioned to upskill the young bright minds of the country, following the footsteps of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Digital India, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Start Up India, and Ayushman Bharat, who can lead and catalyse the invention of novel scientific principles and develop the new generation of technologies while assuming the role as the torch-bearer to the rest of the world. In this direction, the school is planning to build an academic cum research framework that will

  • Foster cutting-edge research, invention, innovation, and manufacturing of biomedical technologies
  • Establish new standards and methods of health sciences education
  • Build efficient and cost-effective equitable healthcare facilities
  • Create a shield of evidence-based affordable healthcare
  • Promote public health education

The school is expected to train the gen-next academic leaders of the country to promote an upshift in the science and technological inventions under the guidance of the world class educationists, physicians, engineers, administrators, regulators, and entrepreneurs. The major targets in this regard will be to perform high impact research under the umbrella of an academic curriculum that has a special emphasis on the hands-on training to substantiate the goal of ‘Employment for a Billion’.

  • Deliver evidence-based, affordable and patient-centred care with purpose, innovation and compassion
  • Define the standards of care and facilitate the transfer of knowledge/skill to the healthcare professionals

Multidisciplinary Education
  • A Multi-disciplinary Environment with Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Administrators, & Regulators
Scientific Inventions
  • Inculcate Deeper Science, Innovate Novel Principles, Master the Scientific Inventions and Innovations
Technological Solutions
  • Translate the Scientific Knowledges into New Generation Healthcare Technology Innovations
Import Substitution in Healthcare
  • Invent and Innovate Indigenous Technologies with the aim of Employment and Sustainability
Skilling of Human Resources
  • Robust and Futuristic Academic Curricula with a Special Emphasis on Hands-on Training and Upskilling
  • Pioneer in providing affordable, evidence-based and quality medical care
  • Maintain utmost ethical and professional standards while employing best management practice to achieve patient satisfaction