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eThesis Title Author Supervisor Department
Computationally efficient Polynomial Chaos framework based SFEM for structural mechanics problems with random material properties Nath, Kamaljyoti Prof. Anjan Dutta and Dr. Budhaditya Hazra Civil Engineering
Development of Novel Composite Membrane with High Selectivity for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications Das, Pradip Prof. Bishnupada Mandal and Prof. Sasidhar Gumma Chemical Engineering
Implementation Framework for Procuring Municipal Waste Management Projects – The Case of Indian Public-Private Partnerships Tharun, Dolla Prof L Boeing Singh Civil Engineering
Micro-Cantilever Printing Based Devices and Applications Yadav, Vimal Kumar Singh Prof. Roy P. Paily Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Model based identification of internal and external damping in a cracked rotor Roy, Dipendra Kumar Dr. Rajiv Tiwari Mechanical Engineering
Study of linear stability and heat transfer characteristics of water flows with density inversion Soni, Rajendra Prasad Dr. Madhusudhana R. Gavara Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable biofuel production through effective wastewater treatment using indigenous algae-bacteria consortia Makut, Bidhu Bhusan Prof. Debasish Das Energy Science and Engineering


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