We are offering M Tech in Biomedical Science and Engineering with Specialisation

(i) Medical Devices and Diagnostics
(ii) Regenerative Medicine, Stem cell and Therapeutics

The Course is :

  • Designed to provide the incoming students a foundation of knowledge related to the modern biomedical technologies within the broader perspective of the health science and technology.

  • Designed to offer introductory as well as advanced study modules such as cell biology, immunology, physiology, quality management, biomaterials, biosensors, diagnostic and biomedical devices.

  • Offering the courses on research methodology, regulatory aspects of technologies, intellectual property rights, publication and patent writing among others.

In the beginning of the curriculum, the students arriving from the diverse disciplines are to be trained with a set of compulsory core courses drawn from different disciplines in the first semester. After the build-up of the foundation through this activity, in the second semester, the program offers to specialize through the electives and undergo hands-on training through the laboratory courses.In the third and the fourth semesters, the students would take up a research project along with exploring and specializing their knowledge base by taking one elective of their choice from any department in each semester.

Eligibility criteria for admission to the M Tech course:

  1. Bachelor of Engineering/Technology degree in Electronics Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Biotechnology/ Biosciences and Bioengineering/ Biomedical engineering/ Chemical engineering/ Chemical Science and Technology. Additionally, the candidate should have studied Mathematics as a subject at the Bachelors’ level.
  2. Tissue Engineering; In-vitro Disease Models for Drug Screening; Cancer Biology and Stem Cells; Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells; Expanded Genetic Code.
  3. Molecular Biophysics; Chemical Biology; Tox Screening of Phytochemicals/Drugs; Site-specific Protein Modification, Mathematical modeling and simulations of Biomolecules.
  4. Health Data Science and Analytics; Preserving Privacy in Health Data Sharing; Ergonomics and Design for Healthcare; Quantum Technology for Healthcare Applications.
  5. Biomaterials; Artificial Limbs and Prosthetics; Biomechanics; Transport Processes in Physiological Systems; Medical Waste Disposal and Degradation.
  6. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry; Drug Delivery; Environmental Health and Toxicology.

  1. The candidate should have valid GATE score in the relevant discipline.

  1. The candidate would also need to appear in the interview.

  1. 20 (Total). Up to 10% of total seats can be offered to non-regular candidates (part-time/project staff/sponsored candidates).