S. No Project Number Name of the faculty member(s) Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount Duration
1 IIRP-2023-7794/F1 Dr. Rajiv K. Kar ( PI )
Prof. D. Bandopadhyay ( Co-PI )
Evaluation of Cervical Cancer Disease Progression and Testing Strategy by Point of Care Device & HPV Testing in HIV positive Women in Manipur ICMR, India 2023-26
2 SHSTSPNSERB01350xRKK002 Dr. Rajiv K. Kar ( PI ) Understanding on/off kinetics of LOV-domain proteins to construct optogenetic tools SERB, DST, India 2022-24
3 SHSTSUGIITG1350xRKK001 Dr. Rajiv K. Kar ( PI ) Assessment of modified phenylalanine and tryptophan as probes for imaging and diagnostic application RnD, IIT Guwahati 2022-24
4 SHSTSPNSERB01356xSUP002 Dr. Subrata Parmanik ( PI ) Characterizing the functional role of the novel Dopaminergic transmembrane protein p20MANI (Myelin-Associated Neurite Inhibitor) SERB, DST, India 2022-24
5 SHSTSUGIITG1356xSUP001 Dr. Subrata Parmanik ( PI ) Uncovering the dual function, cell proliferation and neurite outgrowth, of the |-SRGAP2–FAM72-| Master Gene in Neuroplasticity IIT Guwahati 2022-24
6 SHSTSPNxDBT00771xDPB010 Dr. Dipankar Bandopadhyay ( PI )
Dr. Swapnil Sinha ( C0-PI )
DNA Aptasensor Nanomaterial based product development and commercialization for application in Diagnostics and Environmental Monitoring. DBT, GOI 2022-23
7 SHSTSPNxDBT01350xHKT001 Dr. Harish Tiwari ( PI )
Dr. Rajiv K. Kar ( C0-PI )
Implementing a comprehensive One Health approach to eradicate Dog mediated rabies from India. DBT Welcome Trust 2023-27