Over the years, graduates from the Department of Physics at IIT Guwahati have gone on to excel in various fields and have made the institution proud. This presents an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration. That is why the Department of Physics at IIT Guwahati is organising an Alumni Meet as a platform for alumni and current members of the department to connect and share their experiences.

The main goal of the event is to connect to the alumni and increase their interaction with students and faculty, thus allowing the current students to learn from their experiences. Engineering Physics is a multidisciplinary branch from which former students have gone to various industrial as well as academic roles and thrived. To give current students a chance to learn about these possibilities, we are inviting all of you to conduct webinars as well as panel discussions about your experiences in your respective fields. This event is also a chance for graduates to share their stories and give their suggestions to help the Department reach greater heights.

This event is the start of a long-term goal to create a strong alumni network and to show the students - various possibilities available to them. A strong alumni network is a powerful tool to make valuable connections and help both parties grow.

The Event is scheduled on 07th November 2020. Your participation will be highly valued and will be a great opportunity for current students to explore further in the respective fields.

Kindly Click here to fill yours details. This will help us in organising the event.