Fluids and Thermal Engineering

Principles of fluid dynamics and heat transfer are integral part of our very existence as they influence a wide spectrum of natural processes. These encompass cardiovascular transmission and thermal comfort of all living beings, photosynthesis and capillary transport in plants, microbial transmission, oceanic and atmospheric currents, and water cycle, just to name a few. Accordingly, they have motivated a plethora of scientific and engineering inventions, and govern all the applications in the domain of microfluidics, biomedical, automobile, aerospace, power, hydraulics, and chemical process industries. Therefore, a specialization in "Fluids and Thermal Engineering" is a must under the Masters' program in any standard Mechanical Engineering department, and IIT Guwahati is no exception. This particular specialization is the oldest in our department with the first batch being graduated in the year 2001. As a part of the curriculum, the students have the opportunity to revisit and update their knowledge by undergoing fundamental courses like Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Thermodynamics, Conduction and Radiation, and Convective Heat Transfer besides a course on Advanced Mathematics. The students can then move on to take up elective courses suiting their areas of research interest. The details of course structure along with the syllabi of the courses can be found in the concerned webpage. The major research fields include computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, microfluidics, thermal hydraulics, compressible flows, non-conventional energy sources, internal combustion engines, hydrogen energy, combustion dynamics and energy storage. In this specialization, as on date, we have about 80 Master’s students and more than 100 PhD students. The graduated Master’s and PhD students have been placed well in multinational companies like Mercedes Benz, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Schlumberger, and such others. The academically inclined students, on the other hand, are pursuing higher studies in foreign universities and other reputed Indian institutes.

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Program Coordinator: Prof. Amaresh Dalal, Contact No: +91 361 2582677