Various committees/in-charges, Department of Physics, 2020-21

Committee In charge/Members Scope of work
Research cellU. N. Maiti (Faculty-in-charge), Sidananda Sarma (Patents & Industry link), Aditya Kalita (Extra-mural projects), Basab B. Purkayastha (Web page), Leoni Choudhury (Secretarial assistance)RTo create a single window for information from all funding agencies, to help prepare research proposals suitable for a given funding agency, to act as an interface between the department and industries
TEQIP & PMMMNMTTGagan Kumar (Convener)Interface with programmes organized through CET
Outreach activitiesSidananda Sarma (Convener), Lokesh Chakraborty, Aditya Kalita, Minakshi ChutiaOrganising programmes for school and college students in coordination with the institute outreach cell
Daylong outreach activitiesD. Borah & S. BasuPlanning & organizing of mega outreach activities once every semester
Space committee Bipul Bhuyan (Convener), S. Ravi, A. K. Sharma, U. N. Maiti, P. Poulose, S. Thota, C. Y. Kadolkar, Sidananda SarmaTo decide on the space requirements for various teaching and research facilities, faculty, student and staff offices and future expansions
Course allocation committeeHOD, DUPC secretary, DPPC secretary, S. B. Das To collect the course choices from faculty members and prepare draft allotment for a given semester based upon departmental guidelines
Committee for Annex buildingGagan Kumar, U. N. Maiti, K. Pandey, Sidananda Sarma To interface with the engineering section to plan and execute the remaining work of the Annex building
Stock and physical verification of items K. Pandey(Faculty in-charge), Sidananda Sarma, Lokesh Chakraborty, Aditya KalitaTo prepare the stock and physical verification of department assets, maintain relevant documents for audit purposes
Placement & Alumni Affairs D. Maiti and D. PamuInterface with the Centre for career development, providing guidance for internships and placements, building up of the alumni database
Department AER connect committee (DACC) D. Maiti To interface between AAER section and the department
Library B. R. Majhi(department representative), U. N. Maiti, U. RahaInterface with the institute library committee, maintenance of the department library
Time table committee S. Nandi, B. R. MajhiInterface with the institute time table committee
Seminar & colloquium S. Bhattacharya (Seminar), M. C. Kumar (Colloquium) To organize seminars and colloquiua upon requests from faculty members and external visitors
Summer & winter internship D. MaitiTo streamline summer & winter internship applications
Department web page D. Borah, Sovan Chakraborty (Faculty in-charges), Hemanta Medhi, Basab B. Purkayastha Creation and update of the department web page
Department data server T. Mishra, Sovan Chakraborty (Faculty in-charges), Hemanta Medhi, Basab B. PurkayasthaCreation and maintenance of an user friendly and easily searchable department data server
Project implementation group (PIG) for FIST-II S. Thota,(conveners), D. Pamu, D. Pal, A. Perumal, P. Poulose (members), S. Ravi, A. Srinivasan (Advisors)Oversee installation and operation of PPMS procured through FIST-II
Numerical & Computational laboratories S. B. Das, P. Mishra (Faculty in- charges), Basab B. Purkayastha, Hemanta Medhi, Rupam Kalita, Mridupawan Patoari To ensure smooth running of the numerical & computational resources, making policy for the functioning of the resources, raising new requirements for the facilities
XRDPerumal A. (Faculty in charge), Sidananda Sarma To ensure functioning and maintenance of the facility
Uv-visible spectrometer P. Agarwal (Faculty in charge), Aditya Kalita, Atul Chandra Deka, Radha NarzaryTo ensure functioning and maintenance of the facility
PL system P. K. Giri (Faculty in charge) To ensure functioning and maintenance of the facility
Printer & Network T. Mishra(Faculty in charge), Hemanta Medhi, Rupam Kalita, Mridupawan PatoariTo ensure functioning of printing and networking facilities of the department
RAM cellLokesh Chakraborty (department co-ordinator)To coordinate with the institute’s Record Retention & Disposal Manual (RAM) cell
Rate Contract committee Sidananda Sarma To coordinate with the institutes rate contract committee
Department cleaning & maintenance committee A. Perumal (convener), K. Pandey, A. Kalita, H. Dutta, L. ChoudhuryTo look after the cleaning & maintenance of the department
Department beautification committee Sayan Chakraborty (Convener), P. Mishra, Sidananda Sarma To look after the beautification in the department
Pantry and discussion roomD. Maiti & Sovan Chakrabarti To plan a discussion room and a pantry room in the department
RTI Sidananda Sarma Attending RTI queries related to the department
Department Disciplinary committee HOD (Chairperson), DUPC secretary, DPPC secretary, Ms. Lopamudra Mukherjee (Research scholar)To investigate and make recommendations on the complaints related to disciplinary matters of the students

Former in-charges/members for various committee

Committee In charge/Members
Time table committeeMeduri C. Kumar
ColloquiumPankaj K. Mishra