Bibhas Ranjan Majhi

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati
Room No: 305
Bibhas Ranjan Majhi is a member of the following research group and research areas:

Research areas

  • General theory of relativity, Field theory on curved spacetimes, Black holes, Cosmology, Thermodynamical aspects of gravity, Fluid-gravity correspondence.

My interest lies on different aspects of General theory of Relativity and Cosmology, both at the classical and quantum levels. I worry a lot about putting together the principles of quantum theory and gravity in a consistent manner. The ultimate goal is to understand the ``ATOMS'' which constitute our spacetime. I am mainly working on general theory of relativity, quantum field theory on curved spacetime, cosmology - more precisely Hawking radiation, Unruh effect, thermodynamics of gravity, quantum (gravitational) anomalies, fluid-gravity correspondence, phenomenology in presence of horizon, etc.

Highlighted publications

  1. Journals

    • Chandramouli Chowdhury, Ashmita Das and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Unruh-DeWitt detector in the presence of multiple scalar fields: A toy model", Euro. Phys. J. Plus vol.134, no.2, pp.65, [2019]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Abbott-Deser-Tekin like conserved quantities in Lanczos-Lovelock gravity: beyond Killing diffeomorphisms", Class. Quant. Grav. vol.36, no., pp.065009, [2019]

    • Shounak De and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Fluid description of gravity on a timelike cut-off surface: beyond Navier-Stokes equation", JHEP vol.1901, no. , pp.044, [2019 ]

    • Amin Dehyadegari, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Ahmad Sheykhi and Afshin Montakhab"Universality class of alternative phase space and Van der Waals criticality ", Phys. Lett. B vol.791, no. , pp.30, [2019 ]

    • Chandramouli Chowdhury, Susmita Das, Surojit Dalui and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"How robust is the indistinguishability between quantum fluctuation seen from non inertial frame and real thermal bath", Phys. Rev. D vol.99, no. , pp.045021, [2019 ]

    • S. Dalui, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi and Pankaj Mishra"Presence of horizon makes particle motion chaotic", Phys. Lett. B vol.788, no. , pp.486-493, [2019]

    • M. Maitra, D. Maity and B. R. Majhi"Symmetries near a generic charged null surface and associated algebra: an off-shell analysis", Phys. Rev. D vol.97, no. 12, pp.124065-1-124065-11, [2018 ]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Noncommutative Heisenberg algebra in the neighbourhood of a generic null surface", Nucl. Phys. B vol.934, no., pp.557, [2018]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya, Ashmita Das and Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Noether and Abbott-Deser-Tekin conserved quantities in scalar-tensor theory of gravity both in Jordan and Einstein frames", Phys. Rev. D vol.97, no.12, pp.124013, [2018 ]

    • Nilanjandev Bhaumik, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi "Interior volume of (1+D) dimensional Schwarzschild black hole", Int.J.Mod.Phys. A vol.33, no.2, pp.1850011, [2018]

    • Ananya Adhikari, Krishnakanta Bhattacharya, Chandramouli Chowdhury, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Fluctuation-dissipation relation in accelerated frames", Phys. Rev. D vol.97, no.4, pp.45003, [2018]

    • Ashish Bakshi, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Saurav Samanta"Gravitational surface Hamiltonian and entropy quantization", Phys. Lett. B vol.765, no. , pp.334, [2017]

    • Rabin Banerjee, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Saurav Samanta"Thermogeometric phase transition in a unified framework", Phys. Lett. B vol.767, no. , pp.25, [2017]

    • Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Noncomutativity in near horizon symmetries in gravity", Phys. Rev. D vol.95, no.4, pp.44020, [2017]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Fresh look at the Scalar-Tensor theory of gravity in Jordan and Einstein frames from undiscussed standpoints", Phys. Rev. D vol.95, no.6, pp.64026, [2017]

    • Avik Paul, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi "Hawking evaporation cascade in presence of back reaction effect", Int.J.Mod.Phys. A vol.32, no.16, pp.1750088, [2017]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Thermogeometric description of the van der Waals like phase transition in AdS black holes", Phys.Rev. D vol.95, no.10, pp.104024, [2017]

    • Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Saurav Samanta"Entropy corresponding to the interior of a Schwarzschild black hole", Phys. Lett. B vol.770, no. , pp.314, [2017]

    • Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Saurav Samanta"P-V criticality of AdS black holes in a general framework ", Phys. Lett. B vol.773, no. , pp.203, [2017]

    • Krishnakanta Bhattacharya, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Saurav Samanta "van der Waals criticality in AdS black holes: a phenomenological study", Phys. Rev. D vol.96, no.8, pp.84037, [2017]

    • Gaurav Yadav, Baby Komal, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi"Rainbow Rindler metric and Unruh effect ", Int.J.Mod.Phys. A vol.32, no.33, pp.1750196, [2017]

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