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Pranab Kumar Mondal

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Magnetofluidics, Soft-Electrokinetics, Marangoni Instability, Molecular Dynamics

Lab Equipments

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Leica DMI3000B Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence
Leica DMI3000B Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence

High Speed Camera
High Speed Camera



Digital Gaussmeter
Digital Gaussmeter

Hot-Air Oven
Hot-Air Oven


Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump

Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump

DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply

Weighing Machine
Weighing Machine


LED Light Source
LED Light Source

Microfluidics and micro scale transport processes laboratory reflects significant work upon the behavior, fine control, and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically repressed to a mini scale (typically micro and nano scales). The several applications to microfluidics can be medical diagnostics, drug delivery, healthcare applications to name a few. The objective of the laboratory team is to understand the underlying flow physics stemming from a complex interplay among different factors such as surface wettability, surface structuring, electrical forcing, and magnetic field employing both numerically as well as experimental methodologies. The ongoing research in the laboratory hold project on multidisciplinary field entailing the depth understanding of engineering, physics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. The laboratory is equipped with several experimental apparatus such as Goniometer, Syringe pump, Sonicator and Inverted microscope felicitated with high speed image capturing flair. The laboratory incorporate disparate numerical software like COMSOL multiphysics, MATLAB etc.


  • Rameshwara Srinivas Gorthi


    Research Area: Electrokinetics

    Thesis Title: Dynamics and Control of Capillary Filling in Microfluidic Channels.


    S. Gorthi, H.S. Gaikwad, P. K. Mondal and G. Biswas, “Surface Tension Driven Filling in a Soft Microchannel: Role of Streaming Potential”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. Vol. 59, pp. 3839−3853, (2020) (SCI).

    S. Gorthi, S. K. Meher, G. Biswas and P. K. Mondal, ‘Capillary imbibition of non-Newtonian fluids in a microfluidic channel: Analysis and Experiments’, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A Vol. 476 (2242), pp. 1-14, 2020, DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2020.0496.

  • Aritra Mukherjee
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    Research Area: LBM, Mesoscopic Simulation


    A. Mukherjee, S. C. Mishra, P. K. Mondal, “Numerical analysis of combined mode dual-phase-lag heat conduction and radiation in an absorbing, emitting and scattering cylindrical medium” Numerical Heat Transfer: Part-A, Vol.71, pp. 769-788, 2017. (SCI)

    A. Mukherjee, P. K. Mondal, “Analysis of heat transfer through optically participating medium in a concentric spherical enclosure: The role of dual-phase-lag conduction and radiation”, ASME Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, Vol. 10(4), pp. 041022, 2018 (SCI).

    A. Mukherjee, D. N. Basu and P. K. Mondal, ‘Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Surface Topology on Droplet Condensation following Lattice Boltzmann Methods ’ 8th International and 47th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power (FMFP) December 09-11, 2020, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati-781039, Assam, India, FMFP-244

  • Abhijit Gogoi (2020 batch alumnus)
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    Research Area: Atomistic Investigation on Membrane separation applications

    Thesis Title: Graphene Oxide and Graphene in Membrane Applications: A Molecular Dynamics Study


    A. Gogoi, K. Anki Reddy, P. K. Mondal, “Multilayer Graphene Oxide Membrane in Forward Osmosis: Molecular Insights”, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Vol. 1 (9), pp 4450–4460, 2018

    A. Gagoi, A. Reddy Katha and P. K. Mondal, Influence of the Presence of the Cations on the Water and Salt Dynamics Inside Layered Graphene Oxide (GO) Membranes” Nanoscale (Royal Society of Chemistry) Vol. 12, pp. 7273-7283, 2020 DOI: 10.1039/C9NR09288A

    A. Gogoi, Katha A. Reddy, S. Senthilmurugan, P. K. Mondal, ‘Dehydration of Acetic Acid using Layered Graphene Oxide (GO) Membrane through Forward Osmosis (FO) Process: A Molecular Dynamics Study’ Journal of Molecular Simulation, Vol. 46(18), pp. 1500-1508, 2020. DOI: 10.1080/08927022.2020.1849684.

  • Sudip Shyam (2021 batch alumnus)
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    Research Area: Magnetofluidics

    Thesis Title: Investigation into the transport phenomena of ferrofluids in small-scale systems


    S. Shyam, P.K. Mondal, B. Mehta, Magnetofluidic mixing of a ferrofluid droplet under the influence of time-dependent external field, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (Accepted for publication)

    S. Shyam, H. S. Gaikwad, S. A. G. Ahamed, B. Chakraborty, and P. K. Mondal, ‘Investigations into the complete spreading dynamics of a viscoelastic drop on a spherical substrate’ Langmuir, Vol. 37(1), pp. 63-75, 2021. DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.0c02354

    S. Shyam, P. K.Mondal, and B. Mehta, ‘Field driven evaporation kinetics of a sessile ferrofluid droplet on a soft substrate’ Soft Matter, Vol. 16, pp. 6619-6632, 2020, DOI: 10.1039/D0SM00345J (SCI) (Selected as Most Popular article in Thematic Collection of Soft Matter Most Popular 2020)

    S. Shyam, A. Yadav, Y. Gawade, B. Mehta, P. K. Mondal and M. Asfer, ‘Dynamics of a Single Isolated Ferrofluid Plug Inside a Micro-capillary in the Presence of Externally Applied Magnetic Field Experiments in Fluids’ Experiments in Fluids, 61, 210 (1-19), 2020, DOI: 10.1007/s00348-020-03043-0 (SCI)

  • Harshad Sanjay Gaikwad (2020 batch alumnus)
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    Research Area: Soft-Electrokinetics

    Thesis Title: Electrohydrodynamics in Polyelectrolyte Layer Grafted Narrow-Fluidic Channels


    H. S. Gaikwad, G. Kumar and P. K. Mondal, ‘Efficient electroosmotic mixing in a narrow-fluidic channel: the role of a patterned soft layer’ Soft Matter, Vol. 16, pp. 6304-6316, 2020, DOI: 10.1039/D0SM00890G (SCI)

    H. S. Gaikwad and P. K. Mondal, ‘Rheology Modulated High Electrochemomechanical Energy Conversion in Soft Narrow-Fluidic Channel’ J non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 285, pp. 104381, 2020, DOI: 10.1016/j.jnnfm.2020.104381. (SCI)

    H.S. Gaikwad , P. Baghel, R. Sarma and P. K. Mondal, “Transport of Neutral Solutes in a Viscoelastic Solvent through a Porous Microchannel”, Physics of Fluids, Vol. 31(2), pp. 022006-1-12, 2019 (SCI).

  • Rajkumar Sarma (2021 batch alumnus)
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    Research Area: Marangoni Instability

    Thesis Title: Surface tension driven instabilities in thin liquid films


    R. Sarma and P. K . Mondal, ‘Thermosolutal Marangoni instability in a viscoelastic liquid film: Effect of heating from the free surface’ J. Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 909, pp. A12 1-24, 2021, DOI: 10.1017/jfm.2020.880 (SCI).

    R. Sarma and P. K . Mondal, ‘Marangoni instability in a viscoelastic binary film with cross-diffusive effect’ J. Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 910, pp. A30 1-34, 2021, DOI: 10.1017/jfm.2020.941 (SCI)

    R. Sarma, A. K. Shukla, H. S. Gaikwad , P. K. Mondal, and Somchai Wongwises, ‘Efect of conjugate heat transfer on the thermo-electro-hydrodynamics of nanoluids: entropy optimization analysis’ J Therm Anal Calorim, (Accepted for publication) DOI: 10.1007/s10973-020-10341-6, 2020.

  • Prateechee Padma Behera
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    Research Area: Study of Detection and Quantification of Biological Analytes in Lateral Flow .

  • Kumar Kataky Pijush
  • Research Area: Not Decided

  • Dhananjay Kumar
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    Research Area: Effect of inlet swirl on mixing in microchannel.

  • Wankawala Dhruvkumar Harishchandra
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    Research Area: Evaporation Dynamics and Levitation of Ferro-fluid droplet.

  • Md Ismayeel
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    Research Area: Not Decided

  • Giridhar R
  • Research Area: Not Decided

  • M. Tech Students (completed)

    Harshad Sanjay Gaikwad (144103069) - Some Aspects of Microscale Thermo-Fluidic Transport.

    Anurag Kumar Mishra (154103046) - Some Aspects of Microscale Thermo-Fluidic Transport.

    Pushkin Mittal (154103105) - Analysis of Steric Effects on Flow through a Micro-channel Using Slip Boundary Conditions.

    Debendra Nath Sarkar (154103065) - Fabrication of valveless Micropump and Drop Formation in Microchannel.

    Nihal Vipulbhai Khandhar (164103037) - Numerical Investigation Of Transition And Chaos In Radial Impinging Jet.

    Nitin Dhasmana (164103079) - Experimental Investigation of Capillary Filling Dynamics in Microscaled Capillaries.

    Apurba Roy (164103034) - Streaming Potential Modulated Peristalsis And Capillary Filling Dynamics.

    Lankipalli Harsha (174103026) - Fabrication of Robust Liquid Marbles for Microscale Transport of Reactive.

    Abhay Kumar Shukla (174103085) - Experimental Investigations of Capillary Filling Dynamics of Newtonian and Non- Newtonian Fluid in Patterned Microchannels.

    Anuj Singh Yadav (174103099) - Experimental Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Ferrofluidic Slug under the Influence of External Magnetic Field.

    Gaurav Kumar (174103043) - An Investigation into the Impact Dynamics of a Ferrofluid droplet under the Influence of Magnetic field.

    Arup Mahapatra (174103074) - Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Capillary Filling Dynamics in Microchannels.

    Sanjaya Kumar Meher (184103329) - Immiscible Displacement Dynamics in an Oil-Saturated Patterned Microchannel and its Application to EOR.

    K Samrat Yadav (194103335) - Dynamics of an isolated drop inside a microfluidic channel. (Ongoing)

    Bhavesh Dhapola (194103308) - Migration of ferrofluid drop in shear flow under a uniform magnetic field. (Ongoing)

    B. Tech Students

    Avikshit Pratap (130103018) - Dynamics of Quantum Vortex Tangle in turbulent superfluid counter-flow in a channel

    Minkush Kansal (130103046) - Numerical Investigations into Microfluidics

    Vishnu Vishal (140103079) - Electroosmotic-Driven Peristaltic Transport of Viscoelastic Fluid

    Dharmendra Choudhary (140103018) - Electroosmotic-Driven Peristaltic Transport of Viscoelastic Fluid

    Rishabh Sachan (160103061) - Heat propagation in a biological tissue: Exact analysis

    Himanshu Meena (160103035) - Heat propagation in a biological tissue: Exact analysis

    Srinivas Malothu (160103043) - Heat propagation in a biological tissue: Exact analysis

    Jaikishan Gul Mansukhani (180103030) - Development of Microfluidic Pump

    Arijeet Tripathi (180103013) - Development of Microfluidic Pump

    Yashwant Rawat (180103093) - Development of Microfluidics based Vitamin-D Sensor

    Sachit Kalia (180103063) - Development of Microfluidics based Vitamin-D Sensor