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PhD Thesis Guided

. Dr. Gargi Baruah (June 2020)

Thesis Title: Auto-tuning of Fractional Order PID Controllers for a Class of Processes with Time Delay

(Jointly with Prof.S.Majhi)


. Dr. Arghya Chakravarty (November 2018)

Thesis Title: Adaptive Compensation based Actuator Fault Tolerant Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Emphasis on Transient Performance Improvement


. Dr. Vinay Kumar Pandey (July 2018)

Thesis Title: Adaptive Controller  Design  for  Nonlinear  Uncertain  Systems  Using Multiple  Model  based Two Level  Adaptation  Technique

(Jointly with Dr. Indrani Kar)

. Dr. Tousif Khan Nizami (November 2017)

Thesis Title: Design and Implementation of Online Estimation based Backstepping Controller for DC-DC Buck Converters


. Dr. Nabanita Adhikary (November 2017)

. Dr. Madhulika Das (January 2017)

. Dr. Sanjoy Mondal (September 2013)

. Dr. Senthilkumar D. (July 2010)

. Dr. Mrinal Buragohain (December 2009)

        Indian institute Of Technology
 Dr. Chitralekha Mahanta

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