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1 Singh M.P., Shankar K., Baruah J.B. Study on the interactions of nitrophenols with bis-8-hydroxyquinolinium zinc-2,6-pyridinedicarboxylate Inorganica Chimica Acta 2019 489 204 210
2 Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Photophysical Properties of Phthalimide and Pyromellitic Diimide Tethered Imidazolium Nitrophenolate Salts ChemistrySelect 2019 4 1 10 16
3 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Separation or combination of non-covalently linked partners provides polymorphs of: N -(aryl)-2-(propan-2-ylidene)hydrazine carbothioamides CrystEngComm 2019 21 9 1397 1406
4 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Water-Assisted Emission Enhancement of 2-Hydroxynaphthaldoxime and Related Compounds ChemistrySelect 2018 3 41 11406 11413
5 Khakhlary P., Singh M.P., Bhuyan A., Baruah J.B. Cocrystals of Naphthalenediols with Aliphatic Amines and Their Photoluminescence Properties ChemistrySelect 2018 3 27 7983 7990
6 Singh M.P., Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Changes in Emission Properties by ?-Stacking and Conformation Adjustment of an Imidazole-Tethered Naphthalimide Derivative ChemistrySelect 2018 3 23 6364 6373
7 Baruah J.B. Predominantly ligand guided non-covalently linked assemblies of inorganic complexes and guest inclusions Journal of Chemical Sciences 2018 130 5 56
8 Simon A.T., Dutta D., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. Copper Nanocluster-Doped Luminescent Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles for Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Applications ACS Omega 2019 4 3 4697 4706
9 Mandal N., Bhattacharjee M., Chattopadhyay A., Bandyopadhyay D. Point-of-care-testing of ?-amylase activity in human blood serum Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2019 124-125 75 81
10 Roy S., Bhandari S., Manna M., De S., Chattopadhyay A. The nature of binding of quinolate complex on the surface of ZnS quantum dots Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2019 21 2 589 596
11 Goswami U., Kandimalla R., Kalita S., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. Polyethylene Glycol-Encapsulated Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Drug-Composite Nanoparticles for Combination Therapy with Artesunate ACS Omega 2018 3 9 11504 11516
12 Goswami U., Sahoo A.K., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. In Situ Synthesis of Luminescent Au Nanoclusters on a Bacterial Template for Rapid Detection, Quantification, and Distinction of Kanamycin-Resistant Bacteria ACS Omega 2018 3 6 6113 6119
13 Roy S., Manna M., Chattopadhyay A. Complex Transfer Reaction from ZnO to ZnS Quantum Dots Driven by Surface Anions Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018 122 18 9939 9946
14 Basu S., Bhandari S., Pan U.N., Paul A., Chattopadhyay A. Crystalline nanoscale assembly of gold clusters for reversible storage and sensing of CO2: Via modulation of photoluminescence intermittency Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2018 6 30 8205 8211
15 M. Das, U. Goswami, S. S. Ghosh, and A. Chattopadhyay Bimetallic Fe-Cu-Nanocomposites on Sand-Particles for Inactivation of Clinical Isolates and Point of Use Water Filtration ACS Applied Bio Materials 2018 1 2153 2166
16 U. N. Pan, P. Sanpui, A. Paul, and A. Chattopadhyay Synergistic Anticancer Potential of Artemisinin When Loaded with 8-Hydroxyquinoline-Surface Complexed-Zinc Ferrite Magnetofluorescent Nanoparticles and Albumin Composite ACS Applied Bio Materials 2018 1 1229 1235
17 S. K. Sailapu, D. Dutta, A. K. Sahoo, S. S. Ghosh and A. Chattopadhyay Single Platform for Gene and Protein Expression Analyses Using Luminescent Gold Nanoclusters ACS Omega 2018 3 2119 2129
18 A. Dutta, U. Goswami, and A. Chattopadhyay Probing Cancer Cells through Intracellular Aggregation-Induced Emission Kinetic Rate of Copper Nanoclusters ACS Applied Material Interfaces 2018 10 19459 19472
19 S. Pramanik, S. Bhandari, U. N. Pan, S. Roy and A. Chattopadhyay A White Light?Emitting Quantum Dot Complex for Single Particle Level Interaction with Dopamine Leading to Changes in Color and Blinking Profile Small 2018 14 1800323
20 R. Gattu, S. Mondal, S. Ali, A. T. Khan Iodine monobromide catalysed regioselective synthesis of 3-arylquinolines from ?-aminoacetophenones and: Trans -?-nitrostyrenes Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2019 17 2 347 353
21 A. Ghosh, R. Gattu, A. T. Khan Synthesis of Benzothiazoles via Condensation Reaction of 2-Aminothiophenols and ?-Oxodithioesters Using a Combination of PTSA and CuI as Catalyst ChemistrySelect 2018 3 48 13773 13776
22 S. Bhattacharjee, R. Gattu, A. T. Khan Triethylamine-Mediated One-Pot Synthesis of Benzo[f]chromene Derivatives ChemistrySelect 2018 3 17 4760 4763
23 R. Gattu, S. Bhattacharjee , K. Mahato, A. T. Khan Electronic effect of substituents on anilines favors 1,4-addition to: Trans -?-nitrostyrenes: Access to N -substituted 3-arylindoles and 3-arylindoles Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2018 16 20 3760 3770
24 S. Ghosh, S. Pal, S. Rajamanickam , R. Shome, P. R. Mohanta, S. S. Ghosh, B. K. Patel Access to Multifunctional AEEgens via Ru(II)-Catalyzed Quinoxaline-Directed Oxidative Annulation ACS Omega 2019 4 3 5565 5577
25 A. Behera, A. Rakshit, A.K. Sahoo, B. K. Patel One Pot Sequential Synthesis of N-[2-(Phenylsulfinyl)phenyl]acetamides: A Ring Opening Rearrangement Functionalization (RORF) European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019 2019 5 1154 1165
26 B. A. Mir, S. J. Singh, R. Kumar, B. K. Patel tert-Butyl Nitrite Mediated Different Functionalizations of Internal Alkenes: Paths to Furoxans and Nitroalkenes Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 2018 360 19 3801 3809
27 A Behera, P. Sau, A. K. Sahoo, B. K. Patel Cyano-Sacrificial (Arylthio)arylamination of Quinoline and Isoquinoline N-Oxides Using N-(2-(Arylthio)aryl)cyanamides Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 18 11218 11231
28 K. Talukdar, S. Roy, R. Bag, T. Punniyamurthy Room Temperature Rh-Catalyzed Oxidative Tandem C-C/C-N Bond Formation of Quin-oxalines with Alkynes: Synthesis of Substituted Heterocyclic Quaternary Ammonium Salts Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2019 17 2148 2152
29 S. Banerjee, P. B. De, S. Pradhan, T. A. Shah, T. Punniyamurthy Ru(II)-Catalysed Regioselective C-N Bond Formation of Indolines and Carbazole with Acyl Azides European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019 7 1677 1684
30 T. A. Shah, P. B. De, S. Pradhan and T. Punniyamurthy Transition-metal-catalyzed site-selective C7-functionalization of indoles: advancement and future prospects Chemical Communications 2019 55 572 587
31 V. Satheesh, H. K. Srivastava, S. V. Kumar, M. Sengoden and T. Punniyamurthy Stereospecific Al?Catalysed Tandem C?N/C?Se Bond Formation of Isoselenocyanates with Aziridines: Synthesis and DFT Study Advanced synthesis & catalysis 2019 361 1 55 58
32 V. Satheesh, S. V. Kumar, and T. Punniyamurthy Expedient stereospecific Co-catalyzed tandem C-N and C-O bond formation of N-methylanilines with styrene oxides Chemical Communications 2018 54 11813 11816
33 P. B. De, S. Banerjee, S. Pradhan, and T. Punniyamurthy Ru(II)-catalyzed C7-acyloxylation of indolines with carboxylic acids Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2018 16 5889 5898
34 B. K. Das, S. Pradhan and T. Punniyamurthy Stereospecific Ring Opening and Cycloisomerization of Aziridines with Propargylamines: Synthesis of Functionalized Piperazines and Tetrahydropyrazines Organic Letters 2018 20 4444 4448
35 S. V. Kumar, S. Ellairaja, V. Satheesh, V. S. Vasantha, and T. Punniyamurthy Rh-Catalyzed regioselective C-H activation and C-C bond formation: Synthesis and photophysical studies of indazolo[2,3-a]quinolines Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2018 5 2630 2635
36 R. Bag, and T. Punniyamurthy K2S2O8-Mediated Dioxygenation of Aryl Alkenes Using N-Hydroxylamines and Air ChemistrySelect 2018 3 6152 6155
37 V. Satheesh, S. V. Kumar, M. Vijay, D. Barik, and T. Punniyamurthy Metal?Free [3+2]?Cycloaddition of Thiiranes with Isothiocyanates, Isoselenocyanates and Carbodiimides: Synthesis of 2?Imino?Dithiolane/Thiaselenolane/Thiazolidines Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 7 1583 1586
38 M. Vijay, V. Satheesh, S. V. Kumar, and T. Punniyamurthy Regiospecific Bi - Catalysed Domino C - N/C - S Bonds Formation: Synthesis of 1,4 - Thiazines / 1,4 - Thiomorpholines Advanced synthesis & catalysis 2018 360 16 3030 3037
39 T. Sarkar, S. Pradhan, and T. Punniyamurthy Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Positional Selective C–H Oxygenation of N-Aryl-2-pyrimidines Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 6444 6453
40 S. Roy, S. Pradhan, and T. Punniyamurthy Copper-mediated regioselective C–H etherification of naphthylamides with arylboronic acids using water as an oxygen source Chemical Communications 2018 54 3899 3902
41 P. B. De, S. Pradhan, T. A. Shah, and T. Punniyamurthy Iodine-Mediated Intramolecular C-H Amination of Benzimidazoles: A Metal-Free Route to Dihydroimidazobenzimidazoles Synthesis 2018 50 3224 3230
42 P. Terangpi, S. Chakraborty and M. Ray Improved removal of hexavalent chromium from 10?mg/L solution by new micron sized polymer clusters of aniline formaldehyde condensate, Chemical Engineering Journal 2018 350 599 607
43 C. Das, T. Dutta and M. Ray Effect of Ligand and Bridge substitution on Chiral Recognition of 1-Phenylethylammonium Cation by an Anionic Binuclear Ni(II) complex, Inorganica Chimica Acta 2019 486 367 376
44 M. Das and A. K. Saikia Stereoselective Synthesis of Pyrroloisoindolone and Pyridoisoindolone via aza-Prins Cyclization of Endocyclic N-Acyliminium Ions Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 11 6178 6185
45 P. Saha and A. K. Saikia Ene Cyclization Reaction in Heterocycle Synthesis Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2018 16 16 2820 2840
46 N. R. Devi, M. Borah, S. Sultana and A. K. Saikia Regio- and Diastereo-selective Synthesis of Dihydropyrans and Pyrano-Pyrans via Oxonium-ene Reaction of ?-allenols and Aldehydes Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 24 14987 14998
47 U. Borthakur, S. Biswas and A. K. Saikia Vinylsilanes in Highly Diastereo- and Regio-selective Synthesis of Dihydropyrans ACS Omega 2019 4 2 2630 2636
48 S. Sarkar, N. Devi, S. Ruidas, B. Porashar and A. K Saikia Stereoselective Synthesis of 4-O-Tosyltetrahydropyrans via Prins Cyclization Reaction of Enol Ethers SynOpen 2019 3 1 36 45
49 N. Behera, V. Manivannan Molecular structures of some bivalent metal complexes of 1-(4-acetylphenyl)imidazole and co-ligands Polyhedron 2018 149 84 94
50 S. Kayal, U. Manna, G. Das Fixation of atmospheric CO2 and recognition of anions/hydrated anions: Differential binding mode in protonated vs. neutral tripodal urea/thiourea receptors Inorganica Chimica Acta 2019 486 576 581
51 R. Singh, G. Das Turn-on Pb 2+ sensing and rapid detection of biothiols in aqueous medium and real samples Analyst 2019 144 2 567 572
52 U. Manna, G. Das Halo-phenyl based linear dipodal receptors for entrapment of anions/anionic associations within neutral non-cooperative self-assemblies CrystEngComm 2019 21 1 65 76
53 U. Manna, A. Das, G. Das Self-Assemblies of Positional Isomeric Linear Bis-Urea Ligands with Oxyanions/Hydrated Oxyanions: Evidence of F- and OH- Induced Atmospheric CO2 Fixation Crystal Growth and Design 2018 18 11 6801 6815
54 R. Singh, S. Samanta , P. Mullick, A. Ramesh, G. Das Al3+ sensing through different turn-on emission signals vis-à-vis two different excitations: Applications in biological and environmental realms Analytica Chimica Acta 2018 1025 172 180
55 S. Kayal, U. Manna, G. Das Steric influence of adamantane substitution in tris-urea receptor: encapsulation of sulphate and fluoride-water cluster Journal of Chemical Sciences 2018 130 7
56 S. Samanta , S. Halder, G. Das Twisted-Intramolecular-Charge-Transfer-Based Turn-On Fluorogenic Nanoprobe for Real-Time Detection of Serum Albumin in Physiological Conditions Analytical Chemistry 2018 90 12 7561 7568
57 U. Manna, G. Das Progressive Cation Triggered Anion Binding by Electron-Rich Scaffold: Case Study of a Neutral Tripodal Naphthyl Thiourea Receptor Crystal Growth and Design 2018 18 5 3138 3150
58 T. Sahareen, P. Dey, S. Mukherjee, G. Das, A. Ramesh Potential of pyridine amphiphiles as staphylococcal nuclease inhibitor ChemBioChem 2018 19 13 1400 1408
59 U. Manna, G. Das Neutral host-guest capsular associations by a homologous halophenyl-substituted organic tris-urea receptor series: Solid and solution state studies New Journal of Chemistry 2018 42 23 19164 19177
60 U. Manna, G. Das Halo-methylphenyl substituted neutral tripodal receptors for cation-assisted encapsulation of anionic guests of varied dimensionality CrystEngComm 2018 20 31 4406 4420
61 T. B. Raju, P. Gopikrishna, J. V. Vaghasiya, S. S. Soni, P.K. Iyer The solvatochromism and aggregation-induce enhanced emission of triphenylamine substituted styrene derivatives and its application in dye sensitized solar cells Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2019 376 12 21
62 A.S. Tanwar, S. Patidar, S. Ahirwar, S. Dehingia, P.K. Iyer Receptor free inner filter effect based universal sensors for nitroexplosive picric acid using two polyfluorene derivatives in the solution and solid states Analyst 2019 144 2 669 676
63 R. Ratha, M.A. Afroz, R.K. Gupta, P.K. Iyer Functionalizing benzothiadiazole with non-conjugating ester groups as side chains in a donor-acceptor polymer improves solar cell performance New Journal of Chemistry 2019 43 10 4242 4252
64 L. Sarala, R. Babu Yathirajula , P. Gopikrishna, E. Elaiyappillai, S S.M. Bella, P. K. Iyer, P.M. Johnson Pronounced luminescence efficiency and thermal stability of small imidazole architect 2-(1, 4, 5-triphenyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)phenol for efficient non-doped blue OLEDs Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2018 365 232 237
65 N. Meher, P.K. Iyer Spontaneously Self-Assembled Naphthalimide Nanosheets: Aggregation-Induced Emission and Unveiling a-PET for Sensitive Detection of Organic Volatile Contaminants in Water Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2018 57 28 8488 8492
66 R. Ratha, A. Singh , T. B. Raju , P. K. Iyer Insight into the synthesis and fabrication of 5,6-alt-benzothiadiazole-based D–?–A-conjugated copolymers for bulk-heterojunction solar cell Polymer Bulletin 2018 75 7 2933 2951
67 R. K. Gupta, D. Das, P.K. Iyer, A. S. Achalkumar First Example of White Organic Electroluminescence Utilizing Perylene Ester Imides ChemistrySelect 2018 3 18 5123 5129
68 N. Meher, S. Panda, S. Kumar, P. K. Iyer Aldehyde group driven aggregation-induced enhanced emission in naphthalimides and its application for ultradetection of hydrazine on multiple platforms Chemical Science 2018 9 16 3978 3985
69 M. S. Ansari, A. Banik, A. Kalita, P. K. Iyer, M. Qureshi Multifunctional hierarchical 3-D ZnO superstructures directly grown over FTO glass substrates: Enhanced photovoltaic and selective sensing applications Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2018 6 32 15868 15887
70 K. Ahmad, A. Pal, A. Chattopadhyay and A. Paul Synthesis of single-particle level white-light-emitting carbon dots via a one-step microwave method Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2018 6 6691 6697
71 C. Gayen, S. Basu, U. N. Pan and A. Paul Few Particle-Level Chromaticity Index-Based Discrimination of Biothiols Using Chemically Interactive Dual-Emitting Nanoprobe ACS Omega 2018 3 12 17220 17226
72 C. Gayen, U. Goswami , K. Gogoi, S. Basu, A. Paul Crystallization-Induced Emission Enhancement of Nanoclusters and One-Step Conversion of “Nanocluster Nanoparticle” as the Basis for Intracellular Logic Operations ChemPhysChem 2019 20 953 958
73 S. K. Behera, M. Pegu, G. Krishnamoorthy Modulation of Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer Emission of 2-(4?-N,N-Dimethylaminophenyl)imidazopyridines in Aqueous Cucurbit[7]uril+ ChemistrySelect 2018 3 16 4147 4155
74 S. Sahu, M. Das, A. K. Bharti, Krishnamoorthy G. Proton transfer triggered proton transfer: A self-assisted twin excited state intramolecular proton transfer Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2008 20 42 27131 27139
75 B. Mondal , S. Saha, D. Borah, R. Mazumdar, B. Mondal Nitric Oxide Dioxygenase Activity of a Nitrosyl Complex of Cobalt(II) Porphyrinate in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide via Putative Peroxynitrite Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 2019 58 2 1234 1240
76 G. Borgohain and S. Paul Atomistic Level Understanding of the Stabilization of Protein Trp Cage in Denaturing and Mixed Osmolyte Solutions Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 2018 1131 78 89
77 P. K. Naik, M. Mohan, T. Banerjee, S. Paul and V. V. Goud Molecular Dynamic Simulations for the Extraction of Quinoline from Heptane in the Presence of Low Cost Phosphonium Based Deep Eutectic Solvent Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2018 122 14 4006 4015
78 R. Paul and S. Paul Synergistic Host-Guest Hydrophobic and Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in the Complexation Between Endo-Functionalized Molecular Tube and Strongly Hydrophilic Guest Molecules in Aqueous Solution Physical chemistry chemical Physics 2018 20 16540 16550
79 K. G. Chattaraj and S. Paul Understanding of Structure and Thermodynamics of Melamine Association in Aqueous Solution From a Unified Theoretical and Experimental Approach Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2018 58 8 1610 1624
80 Srijita Paul and S. Paul How Does Aqueous Choline-O-Sulfate Solution Nullify the Action of Urea in Protein Denaturation? Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2018 58 9 1858 1869
81 Saikat Pal and S. Paul Conformational Deviation of Thrombin Binding G-quadruplex Aptamer (TBA) in Presence of Divalent Cation Sr2+: A Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2019 121 350 363
82 K. G. Chattaraj and S. Paul How Does Temperature Modulate the Structural Properties of Aggregated Melamine in Aqueous Solution - An Answer From Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation Journal of Chemical Physics 2019 150 064501-1 064501-16
83 R. Paul and S. Paul How Does the Complexation Ability Between Host Endo-Functionalized Molecular Tube and Strongly Hydrophilic Guest Molecules in Water Depend on Guest Concentration? Journal of Molecular Liquids 2019 283 507 514
84 A.S. Patra, M.S. Chauhan, S. Keene, G. Gogoi, K. A. Reddy, S. Ardo, D.L.V.K. Prasad, M. Qureshi Combined Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Synergistic Effect of Cerium Doping and Oxygen Vacancies in BaZrO 3-? Hollow Nanospheres for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019 123 1 233 249
85 A. Banik, M.S. Ansari, M. Qureshi Efficient Energy Harvesting in SnO2-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Utilizing Nano-Amassed Mesoporous Zinc Oxide Hollow Microspheres as Synergy Boosters ACS Omega 2018 3 10 14482 14493
86 A. S. Patra , G. Gogoi, M. Qureshi Ordered-Disordered BaZrO3-? Hollow Nanosphere/Carbon Dot Hybrid Nanocomposite: A New Visible-Light-Driven Efficient Composite Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production and Dye Degradation ACS Omega 2018 3 9 10980 10991
87 A. Banik, M. S. Ansari, S. Alam, M. Qureshi Thermodynamic Barrier and Light Scattering Effects of Nanocube Assembled SrTiO3 in Enhancing the Photovoltaic Properties of Zinc Oxide Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018 122 29 16550 16560
88 G. Gogoi, S. Keene, A.S. Patra, T. K. Sahu, S. Ardo, M. Qureshi Hybrid of g-C3N4 and MoS2 Integrated onto Cd0.5Zn0.5S: Rational Design with Efficient Charge Transfer for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2018 6 5 6718 6729
89 T.K. Sahu, A.K. Shah, G. Gogoi, A.S. Patra, M.S. Ansari, M. Qureshi Effect of surface overlayer in enhancing the photoelectrochemical water oxidation of in situ grown one-dimensional spinel zinc ferrite nanorods directly onto the substrate Chemical Communications 2018 54 74 10483 10486
90 S.S. Bag, S. De Pyrenylthioureayl Alanine as a Switch-On Fluorescent Sensor for Hg(II) Ions ChemistrySelect 2018 3 42 11758 11764
91 S.R. Dash, S.S. Bag, A.K. Golder Synergized AgNPs formation using microwave in a bio-mediated route: Studies on particle aggregation and electrocatalytic sensing of ascorbic acid from biological entities Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2018 827 181 192
92 S.S. Bag, H. Gogoi Design of "click" Fluorescent Labeled 2?-deoxyuridines via C5-[4-(2-Propynyl(methyl)amino)]phenyl Acetylene as a Universal Linker: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, and Interaction with BSA Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 15 7606 7621
93 A. Mandal, S. M. Mandal, S. Jana, S. S. Bag, A. K. Das, A. Basak Synthesis of furan-fused 1,4-dihydrocarbazoles via an unusual Garratt-Braverman Cyclization of indolyl propargyl ethers and their antifungal activity Tetrahedron 2018 74 27 3543 3556
94 S. S. Bag, S. K. Das, H. Gogoi Design of a fused triazolyl 2-quinolinone unnatural nucleoside via tandem CuAAC-Ullmann coupling reaction and study of photophysical property Tetrahedron 2018 74 18 2218 2229
95 S.S. Bag, S. De Multipurpose isothiocyanyl alanine/lysine: Use as solvatochromic IR probes and in site specific labeling/ligation of short peptides Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2018 1404 1409
96 S. S. Bag , A. Yashmeen A relay FRET event in a designed trichromophoric pentapeptide containing an: O -, m -aromatic-amino acid scaffold Chemical Communications 2018 54 70 9765 9768
97 B. N. Ratha, R. K Kar, S. Kalita, S. Kalita, S. Raha, A. Singha, K. Garai, B. Mandal, A. Bhunia Sequence Specificity of Amylin-Insulin Interaction: A Fragment-based Insulin Fibrillation Inhibition Study Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 2019 1867 4 405 415
98 S. R. Manne, J. Chandra, B. Mandal Synthesis of o-Nitroarylamines via Ipso Nucleophilic Substitution of Sulfonic Acids Organic Letters 2019 21 3 636 639
99 R. S. Giri, B. Mandal Unique crystallographic signatures of Boc-Gly-Phe-Phe-OMe and Boc-Gly-Phg-Phe-OMe and their self-association Crystal Engineering Communications 2019 21 2 236 243
100 J. Chandra, S. R. Manne, S. Mondal and B. Mandal (E)-Ethyl-2-cyano-2-(((2,4,6-trichlorobenzoyl) oxy)imino)acetate: A Modified Yamaguchi Reagent for Enantioselective Esterification, Thioesterification, Amidation, and Peptide Synthesis ACS Omega 2018 3 6 6120 6133
101 A. Paul, S. Kumar, S. Kalita, A. Kumar Ghosh, A. C. Mondal, B Mandal A Peptide Based Pro-drug Disrupts Alzheimer’s Amyloid into Non-toxic Species and Reduces A? Induced Toxicity In Vitro International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics 2018 24 1 201 211
102 S. R. Manne, J. Chandra, R. S. Giri, T. Kalita, B. Mandal Synthesis of ??Amino Alcohols Using Ethyl 2?Cyano?2?(2?nitrobenzenesulfonyloxyimino) acetate (o?NosylOXY) ChemistrySelect 2018 3 4 992 996
103 R. S. Giri, and B. Mandal Boc-Val-Val-OMe (A?39-40) and Boc-Ile-Ala-OMe (A?41-42) crystallize in parallel ?-sheet arrangement but generate different morphology Crystal Engineering Communications 2018 20 4441 4448
104 G. Mukherjee, A. Alili, P. Barman, D. Kumar, C.V. Sastri , S. P. de Visser Interplay Between Steric and Electronic Effects: A Joint Spectroscopy and Computational Study of Nonheme Iron(IV)-Oxo Complexes Chemistry - A European Journal 2019 25 19 5086 5098
105 S.S. Nag , G. Mukherjee, P. Barman, C.V. Sastri Influence of induced steric on the switchover reactivity of mononuclear Cu(II)-alkylperoxo complexes Inorganica Chimica Acta 2019 485 80 85
106 G. Mukherjee, C.W.Z. Lee, S.S. Nag, A. Alili, F.G. Cantú Reinhard, D. Kumar, C.V. Sastri, S. P. De Visser Dramatic rate-enhancement of oxygen atom transfer by an iron(iv)-oxo species by equatorial ligand field perturbations Dalton Transactions 2018 47 42 14945 14957
107 N. Akhtar, A. Saha, V. Kumar, N. Pradhan, S. Panda, S. Morla, S. Kumar and D. Manna Diphenylethylenediamine-Based Potent Anionophores: Transmembrane Chloride Ion Transport and Apoptosis Inducing Activities ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 10 40 33803 33813
108 S. Panda, N. Pradhan and D. Manna Ring-Opening of Indoles: An Unconventional Route for the Transformation of Indoles to 1 H-Pyrazoles Using Lewis Acid ACS combinatorial science 2018 20 10 573 578
109 A. Roy, S. Das and D. Manna Effect of Molecular Crowding Agents on the Activity and Stability of Immunosuppressive Enzyme Indoleamine 2, 3?Dioxygenase 1 Chemistry Select 2018 3 23 6294 6301
110 A. Saha, S. Panda, N. Pradhan, K. Kalita, Azidophosphonate Chemistry as a Route for a Novel Class of Vesicle?Forming Phosphonolipids Chemistry-A European Journal 2018 24 5 1121 1127
111 S. Gorai, D. Paul, R. Borah, N. Haloi, M. K. Santra, D. Manna Role of Cationic Groove and Hydrophobic Residues in Phosphatidylinositol?Dependent Membrane?Binding Properties of Tks5?Phox Homology Domain Chemistry Select 2018 3 4 1205 1214
112 S. J. Deka, A. Roy, D. Manna, V. Trivedi Integrating virtual screening and biochemical experimental approach to identify potential anti-cancer agents from drug databank Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology 2018 16 3 1850002 1850002
113 S. J. Deka, S. Gorai, D. Manna, V. Trivedi Biochemical Studies and Virtual Screening of Phytochemical Reservoir from Northeastern Indian Plants to Identify Anti-Cancer Agents Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature 2018 8 2 104 124
114 H. Horo, S. Das, B. Mandal and L. M. Kundu Development of a photoresponsive chitosan conjugated prodrug nano-carrier for controlled delivery of antitumor drug 5-fluorouracil International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2019 121 1070 1076
115  K. Verma, G. Saha, L. M. Kundu, V. K. Dubey Biochemical characterization of a stable azoreductase enzyme from Chromobacterium violaceum: Application in industrial effluent dye degradation International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2019 121 1011 1018
116 K. Radhakrishnan, S. Das and L. M. Kundu Synthesis of Size-Expanded Nucleobase Analogues for Artificial Base-Pairing Using a Ligand-Free, Microwave-Assisted Copper(I)-Catalyzed Reaction Chemistry Select 2018 3 46 13098 13102
117 S. Das, H. Horo and L. M. Kundu Biopolymers and Peptide Based materials for Targeted Antitumor Drug Delivery: An Overview Novel Approaches in Drug Design and Dev 2019 4 4 1 4
118 G. C. Paul, P. Sarkar, C. Mukherjee Effect of H-bond and molecular geometry towards innocent and non-innocent behavior of 3,5-di-tert-butyl-2-aminophenol units attached to a piperazine backbone: Co(III) and Cu(II) complexes Inorganica Chimica Acta 2019 486 213 220
119 G. C. Paul, K. Das, S. Maity, S. Begum, H. K. Srivastava, and C. Mukherjee Geometry-Driven Iminosemiquinone Radical to Cu(II) Electron Transfer and Stabilization of an Elusive Five-Coordinate Cu(I) Complex: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity with KO2 Inorganic Chemistry 2019 58 1782 1793
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