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1 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Changing ?-Interactions and Conformational Adjustments of N- (Isonicotinylhydrazide)-1,8- naphthalimide by Hydration and Complexation Affect Photophysical Properties Crystal Growth and Design 2018 18 1 456 465
2 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Different self-assemblies and absorption-emission properties of the picrate salts of aromatic amine or heterocycle linked oximes New Journal of Chemistry 2018 42 6 4757 4765
3 Shankar K., Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Extent of protonation of 4,4?- bipyridinium cations and nature of host influences the amount of guest intake by cobalt(II) 2,6-pyridinedicarboxylate Inorganica Chimica Acta 2018 469 440 446
4 Singh M.P., Phukan N., Baruah J. Emission of Pyrene Connected to Benzothiazole Unit via Resonance and Intramolecular Charge Transfer ChemistrySelect 2018 3 3 963 967
5 Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Modulation of dual fluorescence modes and emissions of 2-(1,4-dioxo-1,4- dihydro-naphthalen-2-yl-amino)benzoic acid Journal of Molecular Structure 2017 1149 315 322
6 Shankar K., Baruah J.B. A stable peroxo- and hydroxido-bridged dinuclear cobalt(III) ethylenediammine 2,4-dinitrophenolate complex Inorganic Chemistry Communications 2017 84 45 48
7 Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Dual Modes and Dual Emissions of an Amino-Naphthoquinone Derivative Journal of Fluorescence 2017 27 5 1923 1928
8 Tarai A., Mandal T., Baruah J.B While deprotonating 1-(4-nitrophenyl)-3- ((pyridin-4-yl)methyl)thiourea by tetrabutylammonium fluoride also provides a means for etching of glass Inorganica Chimica Acta 2017 464 108 113
9 Tarai A., Baruah J.B Conformation and visual distinction between urea and thiourea derivatives by an acetate ion and a hexafluorosilicate cocrystal of the urea derivative in the detection of water in dimethylsulfoxide ACS Omega 2017 2 10 6991 7001
10 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Competing phenol-imidazole and phenol-phenol interactions in the flexible supramolecular environment of: N, N ?-bis(3-imidazol-1- ylpropyl)naphthalenediimide causing domain expansion New Journal of Chemistry 2017 41 19 10750 10760
11 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Resonance Energy Transfer Emission Observed in Cocrystal of N,N?-Bis(3- imidazol-1-ylpropyl)naphthalenediimide with Cinnamic Acid ChemistrySelect 2017 2 31 10101 10106
12 Tarai A., Baruah J.B. Inclusion of 2,4 -Dihydroxybenzaldehyde and 2,4-Dihydroxybenzaldoxime in Cadmium Coordination Polymer and Conversion of Guest Aldehyde to Oxime ChemistrySelect 2017 2 35 11482 11486
13 Shankar K., Mondal A., Li Y., Journaux Y., Baruah J.B. Hydroxide -Bridged Mixed -Valence Tetranuclear Cobalt 4-Nitrophenol Inclusion Complex Showing Single Molecule Magnet Property ChemistrySelect 2017 2 26 7792 7798
14 Chatterjee B., Ghoshal A., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. DGTP-Templated Luminescent Gold Nanocluster-Based Composite Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 2018 4 3 1005 1012
15 Sailapu S.K., Dutta D., Sahoo A.K., Ghosh S.S., Chattopadhyay A. Single Platform for Gene and Protein Expression Analyses Using Luminescent Gold Nanoclusters ACS Omega 2018 3 2 2119 2129
16 Sahoo A.K., Sailapu S.K., Dutta D., Banerjee S., Ghosh S.S., Chattopadhyay A DNA-Templated Single Thermal Cycle Based Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Au Nanoclusters for Probing Gene Expression ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2018 6 2 2142 2151
17 Dutta D., Sailapu S.K., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. Phenylboronic Acid Templated Gold Nanoclusters for Mucin Detection Using a Smartphone-Based Device and Targeted Cancer Cell Theranostics ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2018 10 4 3210 3218
18 Goswami U., Dutta A., Raza A., Kandimalla R., Kalita S., Ghosh S.S., Chattopadhyay A. Transferrin-Copper NanoclusterDoxorubicin Nanoparticles as Targeted Theranostic Cancer Nanodrug ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2018 10 4 3282 3294
19 Basu S., Goswami U., Paul A., Chattopadhyay A. Crystalline assembly of gold nanoclusters for mitochondria targeted cancer theranostics Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2018 6 11 1650 1657
20 Pal A., Natu G., Ahmad K., Chattopadhyay A. Phosphorus induced crystallinity in carbon dots for solar light assisted seawater desalination Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2018 6 9 4111 4118
21 Dutta A., Chattopadhyay A. Surface and Tip -Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy at the Plasmonic Hot Spot of a Coordination ComplexConjugated Gold Nanoparticle Dimer Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 121 34 18854 18861
22 Roy S., Pramanik S., Bhandari S., Chattopadhyay A. Surface complexed ZnO quantum dot for white light emission with controllable chromaticity and color temperature Langmuir 2017 33 51 14627 14633
23 Pramanik S., Bhandari S., Chattopadhyay A. Zinc quinolate complex decorated CuInS2/ZnS core/shell quantum dots for white light emission Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2017 5 29 7291 7296
24 Basu S., Paul A., Chattopadhyay A Zinc -Coordinated Hierarchical Organization of Ligand-Stabilized Gold Nanoclusters for Chiral Recognition and Separation Chemistry - A European Journal 2017 23 38 9137 9143
25 Goswami U., Basu S., Paul A., Ghosh S.S.,Chattopadhyay A. White light emission from gold nanoclusters embedded bacteria Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2017 5 47 12360 12364
26 7 Gattu R., Bagdi P.R., Basha R.S., Khan A.T. Camphorsulfonic Acid Catalyzed OnePot Three-Component Reaction for the Synthesis of Fused Quinoline and Benzoquinoline Derivatives Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 23 12416 12429
27 Bhat S.A., Dar A.A., Ahmad S., Khan A.T Structural, vibrational and NMR spectroscopic investigations of newly synthesized 3-((ethylthio)(4- nitrophenyl)methyl)-1H-indole Journal of Molecular Structure 2017 1145 94 101
28 Belal M., Khan A.T. PTSA.H2O-Catalyzed Reaction of 3- Aminocoumarins and Phenylacetaldehydes: A Route to Access Various Pyrido(2,3-c)coumarin Derivatives ChemistrySelect 2017 2 32 10501 10504
29 Mahato K., Bagdi P.R., Khan A.T K2CO3 catalyzed regioselective synthesis of thieno[2,3-b] thiochromen4-one oximes: Access to the corresponding amine and nitroso derivatives Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2017 15 26 5625 5634
30 Ali W., Dahiya A., Patel B.K. Cascade Synthesis of Dihydrobenzofurans and Aurones via Palladium-Catalyzed Isocyanides Insertion into 2-Halophenoxy Acrylates Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 2018 360 6 1232 1239
31 Mandal A., Patel B.K Supramolecular features of 2- (chlorophenyl)-3-[(chlorobenzylidene)- amino]-2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)- ones: A combined experimental and computational study Journal of Molecular Structure 2018 1155 78 89
32 Dahiya A., Ali W., Patel B.K. Catalyst and Solvent Free Domino Ring Opening Cyclization: A Greener and Atom Economic Route to 2- Iminothiazolidines ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2018 6 3 4272 4281
33 Joychandra Singh S., Ahmad Mir B., Patel B.K. A TBPB-Mediated C-3 Cycloalkylation and Formamidation of 4-Arylcoumarin European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 2018 8 1026 1033
34 Sau P., Rakshit A., Modi A., Behera A., Patel B.K. Sau P., Rakshit A., Modi A., Behera A., Patel B.K. Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018 83 2 1056 1064
35 Modi A., Sau P., Patel B.K Base-Promoted Synthesis of Quinoline4(1H)-thiones from o-Alkynylanilines and Aroyl Isothiocyanates Organic Letters 2017 19 22 6128 6131
36 Mandal A., Patel B.K. Rationalization of weak interactions in two fluorescence active imidazo-[1,5-a]- pyridine derivatives: A combined experimental and computational study Journal of Molecular Structure 2017 1147 735 746
37 Sau P., Santra S.K., Rakshit A., Patel B.K. Tert-Butyl Nitrite-Mediated Domino Synthesis of Isoxazolines and Isoxazoles from Terminal Aryl Alkenes and Alkynes Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 12 6358 6365
38 Mandal A., Patel B.K. Molecular structures and fluorescence property of Zn(II), Cd(II) complexes of 3-pyridyl-5-aryl-(1H)-1,2,4-triazoles Polyhedron 2017 132 112 122
39 De P.B., Pradhan S., Banerjee S., Punniyamurthy T. Expedient cobalt(II)-catalyzed siteselective C7-arylation of indolines with arylboronic acids Chemical Communications 2018 54 20 2494 2497
40 Kannan M., De P.B., Pradhan S., Punniyamurthy T. Kannan M., De P.B., Pradhan S., Punniyamurthy T. ChemistrySelect 2018 3 3 859 863
41 Mahesh D., Satheesh V., Kumar S.V., Punniyamurthy T. Copper(II)-Catalyzed Oxidative Coupling of Anilines, Methyl Arenes, and TMSN3 via C(sp3/sp2)-H Functionalization and C-N Bond Formation Organic Letters 2017 19 24 6554 6557
42 Bag R., De P.B., Pradhan S., Punniyamurthy T. Recent Advances in Radical Dioxygenation of Olefins European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 2017 37 5424 5438
43 Pradhan S., De P.B., Punniyamurthy T. Copper(II)-Mediated Chelation-Assisted Regioselective N-Naphthylation of Indoles, Pyrazoles and Pyrrole through Dehydrogenative Cross-Coupling Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 9 4883 4890
44 Arae S., Mori T., Kawatsu T., Ueda D., Shigeta Y., Hamamoto N., Fujimoto H., Sumimoto M., Imahori T., Igawa K., Tomooka K., Punniyamurthy T., Irie R. Synthesis and stereochemical properties of chiral hetero[7]helicenes structured by a benzodiheterole ring core Chemistry Letters 2017 46 8 1214 1216
45 Bag R., Sar D., Punniyamurthy T. Aerobic Metal-Free Dioxygenation of Alkenes with tert-Butyl Nitrite and NHydroxylamines ACS Omega 2017 2 6278 6290
46 Unnava R., Sahu A. K., Saikia A. K Intramolecular Pictet-Spengler Reaction of Cyclic Iminium ions: A Novel Access to Benzo[1,4] oxazepine Fused Tetrahydro isoquinoline and Tetrahydro?-carboline Analogues Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 6 1003 1007
47 Devi R. N., Behera B. K., Saikia A. K. Stereo- and Regio-selective Synthesis of 4-Vinylpyrrolidine from N-tethered Alkyne-Alkenol ACS Omega 2018 3 576 584
48 Bhalla P., Sultana S., Chiranjivi A. K., Saikia A. K., Dubey V. K. Synthesis of Methyl 4-(7-hydroxy-4,4,8- trimethyl-3-oxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-2- yl)benzoate and their evaluation as antileishmanial: Synergistic effect with Miltefosine Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2018 62 e01810 e01817
49 Borah M., Saikia A. K. FeCl3-Mediated Carbenium IonInduced Intramolecular Cyclization of NTethered Alkyne-Benzyl Alkanols Chemistry Select 2018 3 2162 2166
50 Behera N., Manivannan V. Nanomolar Detection of Al(III) Ion by Hydrazones Carrying Benzothiazole and Substituted Phenol Groups ChemistrySelect 2017 2 11048 11054
51 Bori J., Behera N., Mahata S.,Manivannan V. Synthesis of Imidazo[5, 1-a]isoquinoline and Its 3-Substituted Analogues Synthesis of Imidazo[5, 1-a]isoquinoline and Its 3-Substituted Analogues Synthesis of Imidazo[5, 1-a]isoquinoline and Its 3-Substituted Analogues 2017 2 11727 11731
52 Behera N., Manivannan V. A Probe for Multi Detection of Al3+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ Ions via Turn-On Fluorescence Responses J. Photochem. Photobiol. A 2018 353 77 85
53 Singh R., Das G Fluorogenic detection of Hg2+ and Ag+ ions via two mechanistically discrete signal genres: A paradigm of differentially responsive metal ion sensing SenSensors and Actuators, B: Chemicasors and Actuators, B: Chemica 2018 258 478 483
54 Manna U., Halder S., Das G. Ice-like Cyclic Water Hexamer Trapped within a Halide Encapsulated Hexameric Neutral Receptor Core: First Crystallographic Evidence of a Water Cluster Confined within a ReceptorAnion Capsular Assembly Crystal Growth and Design 2018 18 3 1818 1825
55 Chauhan P., Dey P., Mukherjee S., Manna U., Das G., Ramesh A. A Cytocompatible Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite Loaded with an Amphiphilic Arsenal for Alleviation of Staphylococcus Biofilm ChemistrySelect 2018 3 9 2492 2497
56 Samanta S., Halder S., Dey P., Manna U., Ramesh A., Das G. A ratiometric fluorogenic probe for the real-time detection of SO3 2- in aqueous medium: Application in a cellulose paper based device and potential to sense SO3 2- in mitochondria Analyst 2018 143 1 250 257
57 Kapoor V., Rai R., Thiyagarajan D., Mukherjee S., Das G., Ramesh A A Nonbactericidal Zinc-Complexing Ligand as a Biofilm Inhibitor: StructureGuided Contrasting Effects on Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm ChemBioChem 2017 18 15 1502 1509
58 Manna U., Das G. Anion binding consistency by influence of aromatic: Meta -disubstitution of a simple urea receptor: Regular entrapment of hydrated halide and oxyanion clusters CrystEngComm 2017 19 37 5622 5634
59 Manna U., Kayal S., Samanta S., Das G. Fixation of atmospheric CO2 as novel carbonate-(water)2-carbonate cluster and entrapment of double sulfate within a linear tetrameric barrel of a neutral bis-urea scaffold Dalton Transactions 2017 46 31 10374 10386
60 Gopi Kiran M., Pakshirajan K., Das G. A new application of anaerobic rotating biological contactor reactor for heavy metal removal under sulfate reducing condition Chemical Engineering Journal 2017 321 67 75
61 Manna U., Kayal S., Nayak B., Das G. Systematic size mediated trapping of anions of varied dimensionality within a dimeric capsular assembly of a flexible neutral bis-urea platform Dalton Transactions 2017 46 35 11956 11969
62 Thiyagarajan D., Das G., Ramesh A. Amphiphilic Cargo-Loaded Nanocarrier Enhances Antibiotic Uptake and Perturbs Efflux: Effective Synergy for Mitigation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ChemMedChem 2017 12 14 1125 1132
63 Subbarao N.V.V., Mandal S., Gedda M., Iyer P.K., Goswami D.K. Effect of temperature on hysteresis of dipolar dielectric layer based organic field-effect transistors: A temperature sensing mechanism Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 2018 269 491 499
64 Singh A., Dey A., Iyer P.K. Influence of molar mass ratio, annealing temperature and cathode buffer layer on power conversion efficiency of P3HT:PC71BM based organic bulk heterojunction solar cell Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 2017 51 428 434
65 Raju T.B., Vaghasiya J.V., Afroz M.A., Soni S.S., Iyer P.K. Twisted donor substituted simple thiophene dyes retard the dye aggregation and charge recombination in dye-sensitized solar cells Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 2017 50 25 32
66 Malik A.H., Kalita A., Iyer P.K Development of Well-Preserved, Substrate-Versatile Latent Fingerprints by Aggregation-Induced Enhanced Emission-Active Conjugated Polyelectrolyte ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2017 9 42 37501 37508
67 Gupta A., Dhakate S.R., Pal P., Dey A., Iyer P.K., Singh D.K. Effect of graphitization temperature on structure and electrical conductivity of poly-acrylonitrile based carbon fibers Diamond and Related Materials 2017 78 31 38
68 Gopikrishna P., Das D., Adil L.R., Iyer P.K Saturated and Stable White Electroluminescence from Linear Single Polymer Systems Based on Polyfluorene and Mono-Substituted Dibenzofulvene Derivatives Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 121 33 18137 18143
69 Sahu T.K., Arora S., Banik A., Iyer P.K., Qureshi M. Efficient and Rapid Removal of Environmental Malignant Arsenic(III) and Industrial Dyes Using Reusable, Recoverable Ternary Iron Oxide - ORMOSIL - Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2017 5 7 5912 5921
70 Vasimalla S., Subbarao N.V.V., Gedda M., Goswami D.K., Iyer P.K. Effects of Dielectric Material, HMDS Layer, and Channel Length on the Performance of the PerylenediimideBased Organic Field-Effect Transistors ACS Omega 2017 2 6 2552 2560
71 Meher N., Iyer P.K. Pendant chain engineering to fine-tune the nanomorphologies and solid state luminescence of naphthalimide AIEEgens: Application to phenolic nitroexplosive detection in water Nanoscale 2017 9 22 7674 7685
72 Sharma B., Singh A., Afroz M.A., Iyer P.K., Jacob J. Direct arylation polymerization approach for the synthesis of narrow band gap cyclopentadithiophene based conjugated polymer and its application in solar cell devices Synthetic Metals 2017 226 56 61
73 Gopikrishna P., Das D., Iyer P.K. Color Tunable Donor-Acceptor Electroluminescent Copolymers: Synthesis, Characterization, Photophysical Properties and PLED Fabrication ChemistrySelect 2017 2 24 7044 7049
74 Singh A., Dey A., Das D., Iyer P.K. Combined influence of plasmonic metal nanoparticles and dual cathode buffer layers for highly efficient rrP3HT:PCBMbased bulk heterojunction solar cells Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2017 5 26 6578 6587
75 Das D., Gopikrishna P., Singh A., Dey A., Iyer P.K. Solution Processed WPLEDs with Good Color Stability and High Color Rendering Index via a PhosphorSensitized System ChemistrySelect 2017 2 10 3184 3190
76 Chowdhury S.R., Mukherjee S., Das S., Patra C.R., Iyer P.K Multifunctional (3-in-1) cancer theranostics applications of hydroxyquinoline-appended polyfluorene nanoparticles Chemical Science 2017 8 11 7566 7575
77 Sahu S., Ila, Shankar B., Sathiyendiran M., Krishnamoorthy G Molecular aggregation to obtain conformer specific enhanced emissions from a triple emissive ESIPT dye Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2018 353 416 423
78 Nath S., Pathak S.K., Pradhan B., Gupta R.K., Reddy K.A., Krishnamoorthy G., Achalkumar A.S A sensitive and selective sensor for picric acid detection with a fluorescence switching response New Journal of Chemistry 2018 42 7 5382 5394
79 Behera S.K., Krishnamoorthy G. Perturbation of cationic equilibrium by cucurbit-7-uril Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017 19 29 19234 19242
80 Gogoi K., Saha S., Mondal B., Deka H., Ghosh S., Mondal B. Dioxygenation Reaction of a CobaltNitrosyl: Putative Formation of a CobaltPeroxynitrite via a {CoIII(NO)(O2 -)} Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 23 14438 14445
81 Saha S., Ghosh S., Gogoi K., Deka H., Mondal B., Mondal B. Reaction of a Co(III)-Peroxo Complex and NO: Formation of a Putative Peroxynitrite Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 18 10932 10938
82 Ghosh S., Deka H., Saha S., Mondal B Nitrogen dioxide reactivity of a Nickel(II) complex of tetraazacyclotetradecane ligand Inorganica Chimica Acta 2017 466 285 290
83 Saha S., Gogoi K., Mondal B., Ghosh S., Deka H., Mondal B. Reaction of a Nitrosyl Complex of Cobalt Porphyrin with Hydrogen Peroxide: Putative Formation of Peroxynitrite Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 14 7781 7787
84 Deka H., Ghosh S., Gogoi K., Saha S., Mondal B. Nitric Oxide Reactivity of a Cu(II) Complex of an Imidazole-Based Ligand: Aromatic C-Nitrosation Followed by the Formation of N-Nitrosohydroxylaminato Complex Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 9 5034 5040
85 Sahu H., Shukla R., Goswami J., Gaur P., Panda A.N. Alternating phenylene and furan/pyrrole/ thiophene units-based oligomers: A computational study of the structures and optoelectronic properties Chemical Physics Letters 2018 692 152 159
86 Ansari M.S., Maragani R., Banik A., Misra R., Qureshi M. Enhanced photovoltaic performance using biomass derived nano 3D ZnO hierarchical superstructures and a D?A type CS-Symmetric triphenylamine linked bisthiazole Electrochimica Acta 2018 259 262 275
87 Ansari M.S., Banik A., Qureshi M. Morphological tuning of photo-booster g-C3N4 with higher surface area and better charge transfers for enhanced power conversion efficiency of quantum dot sensitized solar cells Carbon 2017 121 90 105
88 Sahu T.K., Arora S., Banik A., Iyer P.K., Qureshi M. Efficient and Rapid Removal of Environmental Malignant Arsenic(III) and Industrial Dyes Using Reusable, Recoverable Ternary Iron Oxide - ORMOSIL - Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite Efficient and Rapid Removal of Environmental Malignant Arsenic(III) and Industrial Dyes Using Reusable, Recoverable Ternary Iron Oxide - ORMOSIL - Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite 2017 5 7 5912 5921
89 Patra A.S., Gogoi G., Sahu R.K., Qureshi M. Modulating the electronic structure of lanthanum manganite by ruthenium doping for enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017 19 19 12167 12174
90 Bag S.S., Yashmeen A. Sensing the chemical cleavage of fluorescent ?-lactams via FRET/exciplex or excimer emission Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2018 353 464 468
91 Bag S.S., Yashmeen A Uracil-amino acid as a scaffold for ?sheet peptidomimetics: Study of photophysics and interaction with BSA protein Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2017 27 24 5387 5392
92 Bag S.S., De S. sothiocyanyl Alanine as a Synthetic Intermediate for the Synthesis of Thioureayl Alanines and Subsequent Aminotetrazolyl Alanines Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 23 12276 12285
93 Bag S.S., Pradhan M.K., Talukdar S. Trifunctional fluorescent unnatural nucleoside: Label free detection of TT/C-C base mismatches, abasic site and bulge DNA Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 2017 173 165 169
94 Bag S.S., Das S.K. Design, Synthesis and Photophysical Property of a Doubly Widened FusedTriazolyl-Phenanthrene Unnatural Nucleoside ChemistrySelect 2017 2 12 3577 3583
95 Bag S.S., Jana S Axially chiral amino acid scaffolds as efficient fluorescent discriminators of methanol-ethanol New Journal of Chemistry 2017 41 22 13391 13398
96 Bag S.S., Pradhan M.K., Talukdar S. Tetrazolylpyrene unnatural nucleoside as a human telomeric multimeric Gquadruplex selective switch-on fluorescent sensor Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2017 15 48 10145 10150
97 Kumar S., Paul A., Kalita S., Ghosh A.K., Mandal B., Mondal A.C. Protective effects of ?-sheet breaker ?/?-hybrid peptide against amyloid ?induced neuronal apoptosis in vitro Chemical Biology and Drug Design 2017 89 6 888 900
98 Chandra J., Chaudhuri R., Manne S.R., Mondal S., Mandal B. Direct Synthesis of Sulphonates of Alcohol, Oxyma-O-sulphonates and Oxime-O-sulphonates under Microwave Irradiation ChemistrySelect 2017 2 27 8471 8477
99 Giri R.S., Manne S.R., Dolai G., Paul A., Kalita T., Mandal B. FeCl3-Mediated side chain modification of aspartic Acid- and glutamic acid- containing peptides on a solid support ACS Omega 2017 2 10 6586 6597
100 Kumar S., Paul A., Kalita S., Kumar A., Srivastav S., Hazra S., Ghosh A.K., Mandal B., Mondal A.C. A peptide based pro-drug ameliorates amyloid-? induced neuronal apoptosis in in vitro SH-SY5Y cells Current Alzheimer Research 2017 14 12 1293 1304
101 Varma V.S., Das S., Sastri C.V., Kalamdhad A.S Microbial degradation of lignocellulosic fractions during drum composting of mixed organic waste Sustainable Environment Research 2017 27 6 265 272
102 Varma V.S., Nashine S., Sastri C.V., Kalamdhad A.S. Influence of carbide sludge on microbial diversity and degradation of lignocellulose during in-vessel composting of agricultural waste Ecological Engineering 2017 101 155 161
103 Borgohain G., Mandal B., Paul S. Molecular dynamics approach to understand the denaturing effect of millimolar concentration of dodine on ?- repressor and counteraction by trehalose Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017 19 13160 13171
104 Das S., Paul S. The Hydrotropic Action of Cationic Hydrotrope p-Toluidinium Chloride on the Solubility of Sparingly Soluble Gliclazide Drug Molecule: A Computational Study Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2017 57 1461 1473
105 Mohan M., Naik P. K., Banerjee T., Goud V. V., Paul S. Solubility of Glucose in Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Based Deep Eutectic Solvents: Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Fluid Phase Equilibria 2017 448 168 177
106 Naik P. K., Paul P., Banerjee T. Liquid-Liquid Equilibria Measurements for the Extraction of Poly Aromatic Nitrogen Hydrocarbons With a Low Cost Deep Eutectic Solvent: Experimental and Theoretical Insights Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017 243 542 552
107 Das S., Paul S Hydrotropic Solubilization of Sparingly Soluble Riboflavin Drug Molecule in Aqueous Nicotinamide Solution Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2017 121 8774 8785
108 Borgohain G., Paul S The Opposing Effect of Urea and High Pressure on the Conformation of the Protein ?-Hairpin: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study Journal of Molecular Liquids 2018 251 378 378
109 Das S., Paul S. Exploring the binding sites and binding mechanism for hydrotrope encapsulated griseofulvin drug on ?tubulin protein Plos One 2018 13 e0190209 1 _19
110 Gorai S., Paul D., Borah R., Haloi N., Santra M. K., Manna D. Role of Cationic Groove and Hydrophobic Residues in Phosphatidylinositol?Dependent Membrane?Binding Properties of Chemistry Select 2018 3 4 1205 1214
111 Saha A., Panda S., Pradhan N., Kalita K., Trivedi V., Manna D. Azidophosphonate Chemistry as a Route for a Novel Class of Vesicle ?Forming Phosphonolipids Chemistry-A European Journal 2018 24 5 1121 1127
112 Pradhan N., Paul S., Deka S. J., Roy A. Trivedi V., Manna D. Identification of Substituted 1H ?Indazoles as Potent Inhibitors for Immunosuppressive Enzyme Indoleamine 2, 3 ?Dioxygenase 1 Chemistry Select 2017 2 20 5511 5517
113 Suman Jyoti Deka, Ashalata Roy, Vibin Ramakrishnan, Debasis Manna, Vishal Trivedi Danazol has potential to cause PKC translocation, cell cycle dysregulation, and apoptosis in breast cancer cells Chemical biology & drug design 2017 89 6 953 963
114 Panda S., Maity P., Manna D Transition Metal, Azide, and Oxidant - Free Homo- and Heterocoupling of Ambiphilic Tosyl hydrazones to the Regioselective Triazoles and Pyrazoles Organic Letters 2017 19 7 1534 1537
115 Paul S., Roy A., Deka S. J., Panda S., Srivastava G. N., Trivedi V., Manna D Synthesis and evaluation of oxindoles as promising inhibitors of the immunosuppressive enzyme indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase 1 MedChemComm 2017 8 8 1640 1654
116 Sarkar P., Mondal M. K., Sarmah A., Maity S., Mukherjee C. An Iminosemiquinone-Coordinated Oxidovanadium(V) Complex: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 8068 8077
117 Paul G. C., Ghorai S., Mukherjee C. Monoradical -Containing Four - Coordinate Co(III) Complexes: Homolytic S-S, Se-Se Bond Cleavage and Catalytic Isocyanate to Urea Conversion Under Sunlight Chemical Communications 2017 53 8022 8025
118 Khannam M., Weyhermuller T., Goswami U., Mukherjee C. A Highly Stable L-Alanine-Based Mono(aquated) Mn(II) Complex as T 1 - weighted MRI Contrast Agent Dalton Transactions 2017 46 10426 10432
119 Lippert, K -A., Mukherjee C., Broschinski J-P., Lippert Y., Walleck S., Stammler A., Bogge H., Schnack J., and Glaser T Suppression of Magnetic Quantum Tunneling in a Chiral Single-Molecule Magnet by Ferromagnetic Interactions Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 15119 15129
120 Phukan B., Mukherjee C., Varshney R. A New Heptadentate Picolinate-Based Ligand and Its Corresponding Gd(III) Complex: the Effect of Picolinate versus Acetate Pendant on Complex Propert Dalton Transactions 2018 47 135 142
121 Phukan B. , Ghorai S., Deka K., Deb P., Mukherjee C. "Interactions of Alkali and Alkali-Earth Metals in Water-Soluble Heterometallic FeIII/M (M = Na + , K + , Ca2+)-Type Coordination Complex Crystal Growth & Design 2018 18 531 539
122 Phukan B., Mukherjee C Goswami U., Sarmah A., Mukherjee S., Sahoo S. K., Moi, S.C A New Bis(aquated) High Relaxivity Mn(II) Complex as an Alternative to Gd(III) -Based MRI Contrast Agent Inorganic Chemistry 2018 57 3631 3638
123 Dutta S., Das N.P., Mahanta D Dynamics and control of spiral and scrollwaves Complexity and Synergetics 2017 155 165
124 Pradhan B., Gupta R. K., Pathak S. K., De J., Pal S. K. Achalkumar A. S. Columnar self-assembly of luminescent bent-shaped hexacatenars with a central pyridine core connected with substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazole and thiadiazoles New Journal of Chemistry 2018 42 3781 3798
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