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1 Khakhlary, P., Baruah, J.B Synthesis and characterization of triquinoline based receptors and study interactions with Zn2+ and Cu2+ ions InorganicaChimicaActa 2016 440 53 61
2 Tarai, A., Baruah, J.B. Solution and Solid State Study on the Recognition of HydroxyaromaticAldoximes by Nitrogen Containing Compounds Crystal Growth and Design 2016 16 1 126 135
3 Shankar, K., Kirillov, A.M., Baruah, J.B Bottom up synthesis for homo- and heterometallic 2,3- pyridinedicarboxylate coordination compounds Polyhedron 2015 102 521 529
4 Shankar, K., Baruah, J.B. Different Types of Nickel, Cobalt, and Manganese Complexes originating from 2-Imidazolecarboxaldiimine of Triethylenetetraamine Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und AllgemeineChemie 2015 641 15 2558 2564
5 Tarai, A., Baruah, J.B. Oxime synthons in the salts and cocrystals of quinoline-4-carbaldoxime for non-covalent synthesis CrystEngComm 2015 18 2 298 308
6 Tarai, A., Baruah, J.B. Study on divalent copper, nickel and zinc model complexes for fluoride ion detection RSC Advances 2015 5 100 82144 82152
7 Shankar, K., Kirillov, A.M., Baruah, J.B. A modular approach for molecular recognition by zinc dipicolinate complexes Dalton Transactions 2015 44 32 14411 14423
8 Phukan, N., Goswami, A., Baruah, J.B. Distinctions of positional isomers of N- (methylthiazol-2-yl)nitrobenzamide by copper and iron ions InorganicaChimicaActa 2015 435 239 243
9 Tarai, A., Baruah, J.B. Dimethylsulphoxide solvate of N,N'- dinaphthylthiourea and its selective interactions with fluoride and copper(II) ions Journal of Molecular Structure 2015 1091 4 147 151
10 Sk, M.P., Sailapu, S.K., Chattopadhyay, A Luminescent Carbon Dots for Logic Operations in Two Phases ChemPhysChem 2015 16 4 723 727
11 Bhandari, S., Roy, S., Pramanik, S., Chattopadhyay, A. Double Channel Emission from a Redox Active Single Component Quantum Dot Complex Langmuir 2015 31 1 551 561
12 Ghosh, R., Goswami, U., Ghosh, S.S., Paul, A., Chattopadhyay, A. Synergistic Anticancer Activity of Fluorescent Copper Nanoclusters and Cisplatin Delivered through a Hydrogel Nanocarrier ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2015 7 1 209 222
13 Pramanik, S., Bhandari, S., Roy, S., Chattopadhyay, A. Synchronous Tricolor Emission-Based White Light from Quantum Dot Complex The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2015 6 7 1270 1274
14 Khandelia, R., Bhandari, S., Pan, U.N., Ghosh, S.S., Chattopadhyay, A. Gold Nanocluster Embedded Albumin Nanoparticles for Two-Photon Imaging of Cancer Cells Accompanying Drug Delivery Small 2015 11 33 4075 4081
15 PalashuddinSk, M., Goswami, U., Ghosh, S.S., Chattopadhyay, A Cu2+-embedded carbon nanoparticles as anticancer agents Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2015 3 28 5673 5677
16 Dutta, A., Das, S., Paul, A., Chattopadhyay, A. Kinetics of reaction of gold nanoparticles following partial removal of stabilizers Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2015 17 16 260 260
17 Bhandari, S., Khandelia, R., Pan, U.N., Surface Complexation-Based Biocompatible MagnetofluorescentNanoprobe for Targeted Cellular Imaging ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2015 7 32 17552 17557
18 Roy, S., Bhandari, S., Chattopadhyay, A. Quantum Dot Surface Mediated Unprecedented Reaction of Zn2+ and Copper Quinolate Complex The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2015 119 36 21191 21197
19 Sanpui, P., Paul, A., Chattopadhyay, A. Theranostic potential of gold nanoparticle-protein agglomerates Nanoscale 2015 7 44 18411 18423
20 Ghoshal, A., Goswami, U., Sahoo, A. K., Chattopadhyay, A., Ghosh, S. S. Targeting Wnt Canonical Signaling by Recombinant sFRP1 Bound Luminescent Au-Nanocluster Embedded Nanoparticles in Cancer Theranostics ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2015 1 12 1256 1266
21 2 Basu, S., Paul, A., Chattopadhyay, A Zinc Mediated Crystalline Assembly of Gold Nanocluster for Expedient Hydrogen Storage and Sensing Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2016 4 4 1218 1223
22 Dutta, D., Sahoo, A.K., Chattopadhyay, A., Ghosh, S.S. Bimetallic silver nanoparticle-gold nanocluster embedded composite nanoparticles for cancer theranostics Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2016 4 4 793 800
23 Bhandari, S., Pramanik, S., Khandelia, R., Chattopadhyay, A Gold Nanocluster and Quantum Dot Complex in Protein for Biofriendly White-Light-Emitting Material ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2016 8 3 1600 1605
24 Pal, A., Sk, M.P., Chattopadhyay, A Conducting Carbon Dot - Polypyrrole Nanocomposite for Sensitive Detection of Picric acid ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2016 8 9 5758 5762
25 Bhattacharjee, S., Khan, A.T. Synthesis of 3-substituted carboxylate/carboxamide flavone derivatives from 4-hydroxycoumarin, ?-nitrostyrene and alcohol/amine using multicomponent reaction Tetrahedron Letters 2016 57 17 1831 1834
26 Gattu, R., Basha, R.S., Bagdi, P.R., Khan, A.T. One-pot three-component regioselective synthesis of C1- functionalised 3-arylbenzo[f]quinoline RSC Advances 2016 6 14 11675 11682
27 Belal, M., Khan, A.T. Synthesis of fused oxazole-containing coumarin derivatives via oxidative cross coupling reaction using a combination of CuCl2 and TBHP RSC Advances 2016 6 23 18891 18894
28 Belal, M., Khan, A.T. Oxidative cross coupling reaction mediated by I2/H2O2: A novel approach for the construction of fused thiazole containing coumarin derivatives RSC Advances 2015 5 126 104155 104163
29 Dar, A.A., Enjamuri, N., Shadab, Md., Ali, N., Khan, A.T. Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Sulfides and Their Oxidation to Sulfones to Discover Potent Antileishmanial Agents ACS Combinatorial Science 2015 17 11 671 681
30 Islam, K., Das, D.K., Akram, E., Khan, A.T. Exploration of C5-C6-Unsubstituted 1,4-Dihydropyridines for the Construction of exo -Hexahydro-1 H - chromeno[3,4- h ][1,6]naphthyridine-3- carboxylates Using a StereoselectivePovarov Reaction Synthesis (Germany) 2015 47 18 2745 2755
31 Islam, K., SidickBasha, R., Dar, A.A., Das, D.K., Khan, A.T A direct approach for the expedient synthesis of unsymmetrical ethers by employing bromodimethylsulfonium bromide (BDMS) mediated C-S bond cleavage of naphthalene-2-ol sulfides RSC Advances 2015 5 97 79759 79764
32 Sarkar, S., Khan, A.T. Beyond conventional routes, an unprecedented metal-free chemoselective synthesis of anthranilate esters via a multicomponent reaction (MCR) strategy Chemical Communications 2015 51 63 12673 12676
33 Belal, M., Das, D.K., Khan, A.T. Synthesis of pyrido[2,3-c]coumarin derivatives by an intramolecular povarov reaction Synthesis (Germany) 2015 47 8 1109 1116
34 Dar, A.A., Hussain, S., Dutta, D., Iyer, P.K., Khan, A.T One-pot synthesis of functionalized 4- hydroxy-3-thiomethylcoumarins: Detection and discrimination of Co2+ and Ni2+ ions RSC Advances 2015 5 71 57749 57756
35 Mahato, K., Bagdi, P.R., Khan, A.T. Yb(OTf)3catalysedregioselective synthesis of unusual di- and trisubstituted 3,4- dihydrothiochromeno[3,2- e][1,3]thiazin-5(2H)-one derivatives through a pseudo four-component hetero-Diels-Alder reaction RSC Advances 2015 5 59 48104 48111
36 Bagdi, P.R., Basha, R.S., Khan, A.T Synthesis of 2-triazolyl-imidazo[1,2- a]pyridine through a one-pot threecomponent reaction using a nano copper oxide assisted click-catalyst RSC Advances 2015 5 75 61337 61344
37 Bagdi, P.R., Basha, R.S., Khan, A.T. Synthesis of 2-triazolyl-imidazo[1,2- a]pyridine through a one-pot threecomponent reaction using a nano copper oxide assisted click-catalyst RSC Advances 2015 5 75 61337 61344
38 Singh, S.J., Rajamanickam, S., Gogoi, A., Patel, B.K Synthesis of 2-amino-substituted-1,3,4- thiadiazoles via 2,3-dichloro-5,6- dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone (DDQ) mediated intramolecular C-S bond formation in thiosemicarbazones Tetrahedron Letters 2016 57 9 1044 1047
39 Gogoi, A., Sau, P., Ali, W., Guin, S., Patel, B.K. Copper(II)-Catalyzed Synthesis of Indoloquinoxalin-6-ones through Oxidative Mannich Reaction European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 2016 7 1449 1453
40 Santra, S.K., Banerjee, A., Rajamanickam, S., PdII/CuBr2 catalysedketo ?-Csp3-H benzoxylation of N,N-dialkylamides directed by o-hydroxy groups Chemical Communications 2016 52 24 4501 4504
41 Phukan, N., Baruah, J.B. Polymorphs of thiazole-derived imines connected to hydroxyaromatics Crystal Growth and Design 2015 15 4 1843 1851
42 Ganesh, M., Sahoo, S.K., Khatun, N., Patel, B.K. Copper-Catalysed Cascade Synthesis of Imidazolidine-Benzothiazole and Imidazolidine-Tetrazole Hybrid Heterocycles from Bis-thioureas by a Desulfurisation Strategy European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 2015 34 7534 7543
43 Banerjee, A., Santra, S.K., Mohanta, P.R., Patel, B.K Ruthenium(II) Catalyzed Regiospecific C-H/O-H Annulations of Directing Arenes via Weak Coordination Organic Letters 2015 17 22 5678 5681
44 Rajamanickam, S., Majji, G., Santra, S.K., Patel, B.K Bu4NI Catalyzed C-N Bond Formation via Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling of Aryl Ethers (Csp3-H) and Tetrazoles (N-H) Organic Letters 2015 17 22 5586 5589
45 Khatun, N., Modi, A., Ali, W., Patel, B.K. Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of 2- Aryl-2H-Benzotriazoles from Azoarenes and TMSN3 Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 19 9662 9670
46 Gogoi, A., Guin, S., Rajamanickam, S., Rout, S.K., Patel, B.K. Synthesis of 1,2,4-Triazoles via Oxidative Heterocyclization: Selective C-N Bond over C-S Bond Formation Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 18 9016 9027
47 Paul, B., Bhuyan, B., Purkayastha, D.D., Dhar, S.S., Patel, B.K. Hexamethoniumbis(tribromide) (HMBTB) a recyclable and high bromine containing reagent Tetrahedron Letters 2015 56 41 5646 5650
48 Ali, W., Behera, A., Guin, S., Patel, B.K. Regiospecificbenzoylation of electrondeficient n -heterocycles with methylbenzenes via a minisci-type reaction Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 11 5625 5632
49 Majji, G., Rajamanickam, S., Khatun, N., Santra, S.K., Patel, B.K. Generation of bis-Acyl ketals from esters and benzyl amines under oxidative conditions Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 7 3440 3440
50 Modi, A.; Ali, W.; Mohanta, P. R.; Khatun, N.; Patel, B. K CuO Nanoparticle catalyzed synthesis of 2,3-disusbstituted quinazolinones via sequential N-arylation and oxidative CH amidation ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2015 3 2582
51 Banerjee, A.; Santra, S. K.; Khatun, N.; Ali, W.; Patel, B. K. Oxidant controlled regioselective mono- and di- functionalization reactions of coumarins Chemical Communications 2015 50 15422 15425
52 Khatun, N.; Banerjee, A.; Santra, S. K.; Ali, W.; Patel, B. K. Benzylic ethers as arylcarboxy surrogates in substrate directed ortho C-H functionalisationcatalysed by copper RSC Advances 2015 5 36461 36466
53 Behera, A.; Ali, W.; Guin, S.; Khatun, N.; Mohanta, P. R.; Patel, B. K. Benzyl bromides as aroyl surrogates in substrate directed Pdcatalysed oaroylation RSC Advances 2015 5 33334 33338
54 Bharathiraja, G., Sathishkannan, G. , Punniyamurthy, T. Domino Synthesis of TetrasubstitutedThiophenes from 1,3- Enynes with Mercaptoacetaldehyde Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 81 7 2670 2674
55 Bag, R., Sar, D., Punniyamurthy, T. Iron(III)-catalyzed aerobic dioxygenation of styrenes using Nhydroxyphthalimide and N-hydroxybenzotriazole Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2016 14 12 3246 3255
56 Sadhu, P., Punniyamurthy, T. Copper(II)-mediated regioselective Narylation of pyrroles, indoles, pyrazoles and carbazole via dehydrogenative coupling Chemical Communications 2016 52 13 2803 2806
57 Sar, D., Bag, R., Yashmeen, A., Bag, S.S., Punniyamurthy, T. Synthesis of Functionalized Pyrazoles via Vanadium-Catalyzed C-N Dehydrogenative Cross-Coupling and Fluorescence Switch-On Sensing of BSA Protein Organic Letters 2015 17 21 5308 5311
58 Sadhu, P., Alla, S.K., Punniyamurthy, T. Room-Temperature Cu(II)-Catalyzed Chemo- and Regioselective OrthoNitration of Arenes via C-H Functionalization Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 16 8245 8253
59 Sar, D., Bag, R., Bhattacharjee, D., Deka, R.C., Punniyamurthy, T. Iron(III)-Mediated Radical Nitration of BisarylsulfonylHydrazones: Synthesis of Bisarylnitromethyl Sulfones Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 13 6776 6783
60 Murugavel, G., Punniyamurthy, T. Microwave-Assisted Copper-Catalyzed Four-Component Tandem Synthesis of 3- N -SulfonylamidineCoumarins Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 12 6291 6299
61 Bag, R., Sar, D., Punniyamurthy, T. Copper(II)-catalyzed direct dioxygenation of alkenes with air and n -hydroxyphthalimide: Synthesis of ?keto- N -alkoxyphthalimides Organic Letters 2015 17 8 2010 2013
62 Fulwa, V. K., Sahu, R., Manivannan, V. Syntheses and Molecular Structures of Mononuclear Copper(II) Complex with Pyridine-4-Amidoxime and Manganese(II) Complex with 4?-(2- Pyridyl)-2,2?:6?,2??-terpyridine Journal of the Indian Chemical Society 2015 92 1817 1822
63 Deka, M.J., Indukuri, K., Sultana, S., Borah, M., Saikia, A.K. Synthesis of 5,6 and 7-Membered 1,3 and 1,4-Heterocyclic Compounds via Intramolecular Hydroalkoxylation /Hydrothioalkoxylation of Alkenols/Thioalkenols The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 80 4349 4359
64 Sultana, S., Devi, N.R., Saikia, A.K. Synthesis of substituted tetrahydropyran and -furan via intramolecular hydroalkoxylation of alkenols Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 14 1281 1288
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67 Borah, N., Gogoi,A., Das, G. Competitive anion binding aptitude of benzimidazole and amide functionality of a non-symmetrical receptor in solid state and solution phase Supramolecular Chemistry 2016 28 275 283
68 Hoque, M.N., Das, G. Implications of hydrogen/halogen-bond in the stabilization of confined water and anion-water clusters by a cationic receptor Journal of Molecular Structure 2016 1108 298 306
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72 Gogoi, A., Mukherjee, S., Ramesh, A., Das, G. Aggregation-Induced Emission Active Metal-Free Chemosensing Platform for Highly Selective Turn-On Sensing and Bioimaging of Pyrophosphate Anion Analytical Chemistry 2015 87 13 6974 6979
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80 Muthuraj, B., Chowdhury, S.R., Iyer, P.K. Modulation of Amyloid-? Fibrils into Mature Microrod-Shaped Structure by Histidine Functionalized Water-Soluble PeryleneDiimide ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2015 7 38 21233 21234
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82 Soni, S.S., Fadadu, K.B., Vaghasiya, J.V., Solanki, B.G., Sonigara, K.K., Singh, A., Das, D., Iyer, P.K. Improved molecular architecture of D?-A carbazole dyes: 9% PCE with a cobalt redox shuttle in dye sensitized solar cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015 3 43 21664 21671
83 Muthuraj, B., Layek, S., Balaji, S.N., Trivedi, V., Iyer, P.K. Multiple Function Fluorescein Probe Performs Metal Chelation, Disaggregation, and Modulation of Aggregated A? and A?-Cu Complex ACS Chemical Neuroscience 2015 6 11 1880 1891
84 Gopikrishna, P., Das, D., Iyer, P.K. Synthesis and characterization of color tunable, highly electroluminescent copolymers of polyfluorene by incorporating the N-phenyl-1,8- naphthalimide moiety into the main chain
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87 Muthuraj, B., Chowdhury, S.R., Mukherjee, S., Patra, C.R., Iyer, P.K. Aggregation deaggregation influenced selective and sensitive detection of Cu2+ and ATP by histidine functionalized water-soluble fluorescent perylenediimide under physiological conditions and in living cells RSC Advances 2015 5 36 28211 28218
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91 Dar, A.A., Hussain, S., Dutta, D., Iyer, P.K., Khan, A.T One-pot synthesis of functionalized 4- hydroxy-3-thiomethylcoumarins: Detection and discrimination of Co2+ and Ni2+ ions RSC Advances 2015 5 71 57749 57756
92 Malik, A.H., Hussain, S., Tanwar, A.S., Layek, S., Trivedi, V., Iyer, P.K. An anionic conjugated polymer as a multi-action sensor for the sensitive detection of Cu2+ and PPi, real-time ALP assaying and cell imaging Analyst 2015 140 13 4388 4392
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116 Rakshit, R., Ghorai, S., Sarmah, A., Tiwari, A., Roy, R.K., Mukherjee, C. Inter-ligand azo (NN) unit formation and stabilization of a Co(ii)-diradical complex via metal-to-ligand d?-p?? back donation: Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical study Dalton Transactions 2015 44 8 3724 3727
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