Journal Publications(Year:2020-2021)| No of Publications: 64

Sl.No Authors Paper Title Journal Name Year Volume ISBN/Issue No Starting Page Ending Page
1 Jali B.R., Baruah J.B. Recent progress in Schiff bases in detections of fluoride ions Dyes and Pigments 2021 194
2 Baruah J.B. Naphthalenedicarboxylate based metal organic frameworks: Multifaceted material Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2021 437
3 Brahma R., Baruah J.B. Intrinsic structural features of coordination polymers make an impact on dye selectivity CrystEngComm 2021 23 21 3812 3827
4 Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Photophysical properties of Ag, Zn and Cd -: N -(4-pyridylmethyl)-1,8-naphthalimide complexes: Influences of π-stacking and C-H O interaction CrystEngComm 2020 22 26 4374 4385
5 Singh M.P., Baruah J.B. Detection of hydroxyaromatics in a superior manner by a water soluble fluorescent iron-complex Inorganica Chimica Acta 2020 504
6 Baruah J.B. Inorganic Molecular Complexes: Potential for Growth of a New Subject Area in Self-Assembly Topics in Current Chemistry 2020 378 2
7 Basu S., Hajra A., Chattopadhyay A. An ambient complexation reaction of zinc acetate and ascorbic acid leads to a new form of nanoscale particles with emergent optical properties Nanoscale Advances 2021 3 11 3298 3305
8 Manna M., Roy S., Bhandari S., Chattopadhyay A. A Ratiometric and Visual Sensing of Phosphate by White Light Emitting Quantum Dot Complex Langmuir 2021 37 18 5506 5512
9 Bhakat A., Pal A., Siddaramaiah R., Chattopadhyay A. Complexation-Based Super Crystalline Assembly of Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots for Sensitive Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensing Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021
10 Simon A.T., Dutta D., Chattopadhyay A., Ghosh S.S. Quercetin-Loaded Luminescent Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles for Theranostic Application in Monolayer and Spheroid Cultures of Cervical Cancer Cell Line in Vitro ACS Applied Bio Materials 2021
11 Gogoi P., Chattopadhyay A., Pattader P.S.G. Toward controlling evaporative deposition: Effects of substrate, solvent, and solute Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2020 124 50 11530 11539
12 Manna M., Roy S., Bhandari S., Chattopadhyay A. A dual-emitting quantum dot complex nanoprobe for ratiometric and visual detection of Hg2+and Cu2+ions Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2020 8 21 6972 6976
13 Das M., Goswami U., Bhattacharyya S., Kandimalla R., Chattopadhyaya., Ghosh S.S. Integration of a Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug with Luminescent Copper for in Vivo Cancer Therapy in a Mouse Model ACS Applied Bio Materials 2020 3 1 227 238
14 Ali S., Khan A.T. Ytterbium(III) triflate catalyzed domino reaction of arylamines and styrene oxides: Synthesis of 2-benzyl-3-arylquinoline derivatives Tetrahedron Letters 2021 70
15 Ali S., Khan A.T. Copper(ii) triflate catalyzed three-component reaction for the synthesis of 2,3-diarylquinoline derivatives using aryl amines, aryl aldehydes and styrene oxides Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2021 19 14 3255 3262
16 Islam K., Pal K., Debnath U., Basha R.S., Khan A.T., Jana K., Misra A.K. Corrigendum to “Anti-cancer potential of (1,2-dihydronaphtho[2,1-b]furan-2-yl)methanone derivatives” [Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 30 (2020) 127476](S0960894X20305874)(10.1016/j.bmcl.2020.127476) Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2021 34
17 Islam K., Pal K., Debnath U., Sidick Basha R., Khan A.T., Jana K., Misra A.K. Anti-cancer potential of (1,2-dihydronaphtho[2,1-b]furan-2-yl)methanone derivatives Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2020 30 20
18 Mondal S., Mahato K., Arora N., Kankane D., Singh U.P., Ali S., Khan A.H., Ghosh S.S., Khan A.T. Newly synthesized 3-sulfenylindole derivatives from 4-hydroxydithiocoumarin using an oxidative cross dehydrogenative coupling reaction (OCDCR): potential lead molecules for antiproliferative activity Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2020 18 21 4104 4113
19 Ali S., Gattu R., Singh V., Mondal S., Khan A.T., Dubey G., Bharatam P.V. Reaction behaviour of arylamines with nitroalkenes in the presence of bismuth(iii) triflate: An easy access to 2,3-dialkylquinolines Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2020 18 9 1785 1793
20 Dahiya A., Patel B.K. The Rich Legacy and Bright Future of Transition-Metal Catalyzed Peroxide Based Radical Reactions Chemical Record 2021
21 Patel B.K., Rakshit A., Kumar P., Alam T., Dhara H. Visible-light-accelerated pd-catalyzed cascade addition/ cyclization of arylboronic acids to γ- And β-ketodinitriles for the construction of 3-cyanopyridines and 3-cyanopyrrole analogues Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 85 19 12482 12504
22 Mandal A., Nath B., Patel B.K. Unraveling the role of non-covalent interactions to determine chiral selectivity in coordination compounds of racemic 1,2-dihydroquinazolinone ligands Polyhedron 2020 189
23 Alam T., Rakshit A., Begum P., Dahiya A., Patel B.K. Visible-Light-Induced Difunctionalization of Styrenes: Synthesis of N-Hydroxybenzimidoyl Cyanides Organic Letters 2020 22 9 3728 3733
24 Mandal A., Ghosh S., Nath B., Patel B.K. Role of non-covalent interactions to dictate chiral selective self-assembly in Ni(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II) complexes of a racemic 1,2-dihydroquinazolinone ligand Inorganica Chimica Acta 2020 503
25 Sarkar T., Talukdar K., Das B.K., Shah T.A., Debnath B., Punniyamurthy T. The transition-metal-catalyzed stereoselective ring-expansion of vinylaziridines and vinyloxiranes Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2021 19 17 3776 3790
26 Talukdar K., Sarkar T., Roy S., Punniyamurthy T. Pd-Catalyzed sp3C-H alkoxycarbonylation of 8-methylquinolines using Mo(CO)6as a CO surrogate Chemical Communications 2021 57 27 3359 3362
27 Rout L., Punniyamurthy T. Recent advances in transition-metal-mediated Csp2-B and Csp2-P cross-coupling reactions Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2021 431
28 Sarkar T., Shah T.A., Maharana P.K., Talukdar K., Das B.K., Punniyamurthy T. Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Directing Group Assisted (Hetero)aryl C−H Functionalization: Construction of C−C/C-Heteroatom Bonds Chemical Record 2021
29 Pradhan S., De P.B., Shah T.A., Punniyamurthy T. Recent Advances in Metal-catalyzed Alkylation, Alkenylation and Alkynylation of Indole/indoline Benzenoid Nucleus Chemistry - An Asian Journal 2020 15 24 4184 4198
30 Sarkar T., Das B.K., Talukdar K., Shah T.A., Punniyamurthy T. Recent Advances in Stereoselective Ring Expansion of Spirocyclopropanes: Access to the Spirocyclic Compounds ACS Omega 2020 5 41 26316 26328
31 Vivek Kumar S., Banerjee S., Punniyamurthy T. Transition metal-catalyzed coupling of heterocyclic alkenes: Via C-H functionalization: Recent trends and applications Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2020 7 12 1527 1569
32 Karjee P., Sarkar T., Kar S., Punniyamurthy T. Transition-Metal-Free Stereospecific Oxidative Annulative Coupling of Indolines with Aziridines Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 85 12 8261 8270
33 Pradhan S., Roy S., Banerjee S., De P.B., Punniyamurthy T. Oxidative C-H/N-H Annulation of Aromatic Amides with Dialkyl Malonates: Access to Isoindolinones and Dihydrobenzoindoles Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 85 8 5741 5749
34 De P.B., Atta S., Pradhan S., Banerjee S., Shah T.A., Punniyamurthy T. Cp-Co(III)-Catalyzed C-7 C-C Coupling of Indolines with Aziridines: Merging C-H Activation and Ring Opening Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 85 7 4785 4794
35 Bhattacharya S., Ray M. Chiral resolution of 1-phenylethylamine in Schiff base form within a mixed ligand complex of Ni(II) Inorganica Chimica Acta 2020 502
36 Sahu A.K., Unnava R., Behera B.K., Saikia A.K. Synthesis of dibenzocyclohepta[1,2-a]naphthalene derivatives from phenylacetaldehyde and alkynyl benzyl alcoholsviasequential electrophilic addition and double Friedel-Crafts reactions Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2021 19 11 2430 2435
37 Mahata S., Janani G., Mandal B.B., Manivannan V. A coumarin based visual and fluorometric probe for selective detection of Al(III), Cr(III) and Fe(III) ions through “turn-on” response and its biological application Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2021 417
38 Sachan D., Ramesh A., Das G. Green synthesis of silica nanoparticles from leaf biomass and its application to remove heavy metals from synthetic wastewater: A comparative analysis Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Management 2021 16
39 Jayakrishnan U., Deka D., Das G. Waste as feedstock for polyhydroxyalkanoate production from activated sludge: Implications of aerobic dynamic feeding and acidogenic fermentation Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2021 9 4
40 Manna U., Das G. Positional isomeric effect of acyclic hosts on supramolecular recognition of anionic guests Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2021 440
41 Ghosh A., Das G. Facile synthesis of Sn(II)-MOF using waste PET bottles as an organic precursor and its derivative SnO2NPs: Role of surface charge reversal in adsorption of toxic ions Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2021 9 4
42 Mullick P., Das G., Aiyagari R. Probiotic bacteria cell surface-associated protein mineralized hydroxyapatite incorporated in porous scaffold: In vitro evaluation for bone cell growth and differentiation Materials Science and Engineering C 2021 126
43 Paul D., Das G. Efficient solid-state synthesis of biomineralized vaterite-derived pure CaMnO3perovskite for effective photocatalysis CrystEngComm 2021 23 22 4050 4058
44 Basak M., Halder S., Das G. Folic acid induced disassembly of self-assembled fluorene-naphthalene based receptor and contemporaneous detection of folic acid in aqueous medium Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2021 414
45 Ghosh A., Das G. Environmentally benign synthesis of fluorescent carbon nanodots using waste PET bottles: Highly selective and sensitive detection of Pb2+ions in aqueous medium New Journal of Chemistry 2021 45 19 8747 8754
46 Halder S., Nayak B., De S., Das G. Probing the solvent-tunable aggregation aptitude of neutral naphthyl bis-urea series and their interactions with nitro-aromatics Journal of Molecular Liquids 2021 329
47 Paul D., Das G. Curcumin and quercetin as templates in the in vitro biomineralization of CaCO3: A comparative study on phase modulation Ceramics International 2021 47 9 12334 12341
48 Paul D., Sachan D., Das G. Silver nanoparticles embedded on in-vitro biomineralized vaterite: A highly efficient catalyst with enhanced catalytic activity towards 4-Nitrophenol reduction Molecular Catalysis 2021 504
49 Manna U., Das G. An overview of CO32-/HCO3-binding by aerial CO2fixation within the self-assemblies of hydrogen-bond donor scaffolds CrystEngComm 2021 23 3 512 527
50 Manna U., Das G. An overview of anion coordination by hydroxyl, amine and amide based rigid and symmetric neutral dipodal receptors Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2021 427
51 Dey P., Puppala E.R., Naidu V.G.M., Das G., Ramesh A. Multifunctional Synthetic Amphiphile for Niche Therapeutic Applications: Mitigation of MRSA Biofilms and Potential in Wound Healing ACS Applied Bio Materials 2020 3 12 8830 8840
52 Ghosh A., Gumma S., Das G. Hydrolytically stable luminescent Sn(II)-BTEC hybrid material: Selective sensing of chromate ions in aqueous medium Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 2020 403
53 Borah N., De S., Gogoi A., Das G. A series of benzothiazole-based Schiff bases for the colorimetric sensing of fluoride and acetate ions: Acetate-induced turn-on fluorescence for selectivity New Journal of Chemistry 2020 44 43 18703 18713
54 Jayakrishnan U., Deka D., Das G. Influence of inoculum variation and nutrient availability on polyhydroxybutyrate production from activated sludge International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2020 163 2032 2047
55 Paul D., Halder S., Das G. Whey protein directed in vitro vaterite biomineralization: Influence of external parameters on phase transformation Colloids and Interface Science Communications 2020 36
56 Ghosh A., Das G. Green synthesis of Sn(II)-BDC MOF: Preferential and efficient adsorption of anionic dyes Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2020 297
57 Singh N., Malik A.H., Iyer P.K., Patra S. Diversifying the xanthine scaffold for potential phosphodiesterase 9A inhibitors: synthesis and validation Medicinal Chemistry Research 2021 30 6 1199 1219
58 Hossain M., Afroz M.A., Garai R., Iyer P.K. Tuning the open circuit voltage by incorporating a diflurophenyl unit into a polymer backbone to achieve high efficiency polymer solar cells Sustainable Energy and Fuels 2021 5 3 874 879
59 Mondal S., Zehra N., Choudhury A., Iyer P.K. Wearable Sensing Devices for Point of Care Diagnostics ACS Applied Bio Materials 2021 4 1 47 70
60 Gupta R.K., Garai R., Hossain M., Choudhury A., Iyer P.K. Halide Engineering for Mitigating Ion Migration and Defect States in Hot-Cast Perovskite Solar Cells ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2021
61 Singh N., Malik A.H., Iyer P.K., Patra S. Correction to: Diversifying the xanthine scaffold for potential phosphodiesterase 9A inhibitors: synthesis and validation (Medicinal Chemistry Research, (2021), 30, 6, (1199-1219), 10.1007/s00044-021-02722-9) Medicinal Chemistry Research 2021
62 Malik A.H., Phd, Zehra N., Ahmad M., Parui R., Iyer P.K., Phd Advances in conjugated polymers for visualization of latent fingerprints: A critical perspective New Journal of Chemistry 2020 44 45 19423 19439
63 Meher N., Bidkar A.P., Barman D., Ghosh S.S., Iyer P.K. A conformational tweak for enhanced cellular internalization, photobleaching resistance and prolonged imaging efficacy Chemical Communications 2020 56 94 14861 14864
64 Bhanvadia V.J., Choudhury A., Iyer P.K., Zade S.S., Patel A.L. Constructing fused bis-isatins from pyrroloindoles using direct oxidation approach and re-visiting indophenine reaction Polymer 2020 210