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1 A. Sahoo, U.Goswami, D. Dutta, S. Banerjee, A. Chattopadhyay, S.S. Ghosh Silver nanoclusters embedded composite nanoparticles for targeted prodrug delivery in cancer theranostics ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2016 2 8 1395 1402
2 U. N. Pan, R. Khandelia, P. Sanpui, S. Das, A. Paul, A. Chattopadhyay Protein-Based Multifunctional Nanocarriers for Imaging, Photothermal Therapy, and Anticancer Drug Delivery ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016
3 A.Ghoshal, U.Goswami, A. Raza, A. Chattopadhyay, S.S. Ghosh Recombinant sFRP4 bound ChitosanAlginate Composite Nanoparticles Embedded with Silver Nanoclusters for Wnt/b-catenin targeting in Cancer Theranostics RSC Advances 2016 6 85763 85763
4 A. Dutta, D. Dutta, P. Sanpui, A. Chattopadhyay Biomimetically Crystallized Protease Resistant Zinc Phosphate decorated with Gold Atomic Clusters for BioImaging Chemical Communications 2016 53 1277 1280
5 B. Chatterjee, A. K.Sahoo, S.S. Ghosh, A. Chattopadhyay Interactive luminescent gold nanocluster embedded dsDNA and cisplatin as model nanoparticles for cancer theranostics RSC Advances 2016 6 113053 113057
6 S.Basu, A. K.Sahoo, A. Paul, A. Chattopadhyay Thumb Imprint Based Detection of Hyperbilirubinemia Using Luminescent Gold Nanoclusters Scientific Reports 2016 6
7 K. Ahmad, S.K.Gogoi, R. Begum, M. P. Sk, A. Paul, A. Chattopadhyay An Interactive Quantum Dot and Carbon Dot Conjugate for pH-Sensitive and Ratiometric Cu2+ Sensing ChemPhysChem 2017 18 6 610 616
8 M. Gogoi, A. Chattopadhyay White light emission from quantum dot and a UV-visible emitting Pd-complex on its surface RSC Advances 2016 6 103095 103105
9 W.Ali, Anjali, R.Pandey, T.Alam, B. K.Patel Microwave assisted cascade strategy for the synthesis of indolo[2,3-b]quinolones from 2-(phenylethynyl)anilines and aryl isothiocynate. The Journal of Organic chemistry 2017 82 4 2089 2096
10 A.Mandal, B. K. Patel A Three Component Synthesis of 2- Aryl-3-imidamide Substituted 1,2- Dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones ChemistrySelect 2017 2 4 1717 1722
11 A.Modi, W.Ali, Patel, B. K. Organocatalyticregioselective concomitant thiocyanation and acylation of oxiranes using aroylisothiocyanates Organic Letters 2017 19 3 432 435
12 A.Mandal, B. K. Pate Metal ion directed tautomeric polymorphism in a hydrazonamide / hydrozonate system ChemistrySelect 2017 2 1 494 503
13 A.Banerjee, S.Sarkar, B. K. Patel C-H functionalisation of cycloalkanes Organic &Biomolecular Chemistry 2017 15 3 505 530
14 A.Behera, W.Ali, M. Tripathy, D. Sahoo, B. K. Patel Transition metal-free synthesis of ?ketoamides from arylmethyl ketones and alkylphosphoramides. RSC Advances 2016 6 94 91308 91313
15 A. M.Bilal, A.Banerjee, S. K.Santra, S.Rajamanickam, B. K. Patel Fe(III) catalyzed peroxide mediated C-3 functionalizations offlavones Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2016 358 21 3471 3476
16 G.Majji, S. K.Rout, S.Rajamanikam, S.Guin, B. K. Patel Synthesis of esters via sp3 C-H functionalisation Organic &Biomolecular Chemistry 2016 14 35 8178 8211
17 S. K.Santra, A. Banerjee, P. R. Mohanta, B. K. Patel Peroxide free Pd(II)-catalyzed orthoaroylation and ortho-halogenation of directing arenes The Journal of Organic chemistry 2016 81 14 6066 6074
18 W. Ali, A. Modi, A. Behera, R. M. Prakash, B. K. Patel Cs2CO3 as Source of carbonyl and ethereal oxygen in Cu-catalyzed cascade synthesis of benzofuran [3,2-c] quinolin[5-H]ones Organic &Biomolecular Chemistry 2016 14 25 5940 5944
19 P. R. Mohanta, A. Banerjee,S. K. Santra, A. Bahera, B. K. Patel Acyl-peroxycoumarins as ortho C-H acylating agent via a Pd(II) catalyzed redox neutral process Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2016 358 13 2047 2052
20 A. Modi, W. Ali, B.K. Patel N,N-Dimethylamide as a methylene synthon for regioselective linkage of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2016 358 2100 2107
21 S. K. Santra, A. Banerjee,S. Rajamanikam, N. Khatun, B. K. Patel PdII/CuBr2catalysedketo ?-Csp3 -H benzoxylation of N,N-dialkylamides directed by o-hydroxy groups Chemical Communications 2016 52 24 4501 4504
22 A. Gogoi, P. Sau, W. Ali, S. Guin, B. K. Patel Copper(II)-catalyzed synthesis of - indoloquinoxalin-6-ones through oxidative Mannich reaction European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 7 1449 1453
23 P. B. De, S. Pradhan, T. Punniyamurthy Stereoselective Copper-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Aziridines with Benzimidazoles via Nucleophilic Ring Opening and C(sp2 )-H Functionalization The Journal of Organic chemistry 2017 82 6 3183 3191
24 M. Sengoden, R. Irie, T. Punniyamurthy EnantiospecificAluminium-Catalyzed (3+2) Cycloaddition of UnactivatedAziridines with Isothiocyanates The Journal of Organic chemistry 2016 81 22 11508 11513
25 G. Murugavel, P. Sadhu, T. Punniyamurthy Copper(II)-Catalyzed Nitroaldol (Henry) Reactions: Recent Developments The Chemical Record 2016 16 4 1906 1917
26 N. Hoque, G. Das An overview in strategic approach for solid state recognition of hydrated anions Crystal Engineering Communications 2017 19 1343 1360
27 S. Samanta, U. Manna, G. Das White light emission from simple AIEESIPT-Excimer tripled single molecular system New Journal of Chemistry 2017 41 1064 1072
28 R. Singh, A. Gogoi, G. Das Benzothiazole based multi-analyte sensor for selective sensing of Zn2+ and Cd2+ and subsequent sensing of inorganic phosphates (Pi) in mixed aqueous medium RSC Advances 2016 6 112246 112252
29 U. Manna, B. Nayak, G. Das Dual guest [(Chloride)3-DMSO] encapsulated cation-sealed neutral trimeric capsular assembly: metasubstituent directed halide and oxyanion binding discrepancy of isomeric neutral di-substituted bis-urea receptors Crystal Growth & Design 2016 16 7163 7174
30 N. Hoque, U. Manna, G. Das Discrepancy in anion coordination directed by isomeric pyridine-urea receptors: solid state recognition of hydrated anions Polyhedron 2016 119 307 316
31 U. Manna, B, Nayak, N. Hoque, G. Das Influence of the cavity dimension on encapsulation of halide within the capsular assembly and side-cleft recognition of sulphate-water cluster assisted by polyammoniumtripodal receptor Crystal Engineering Communications 2016 18 5036 5044
32 S. Samanta, B. K. Datta, M. Boral, A. Nandan, G. Das Multi-responsive turn-on flurogenic probe to sense Zn2+,Cd2+ and Pb2+: LeftRight-Center emission signal swing Analyst 2016 141 4388 4393
33 U. Manna, R. Chutia, G. Das Entrapment of Cyclic Fluoride-Water and Sulfate-Water-Sulfate Cluster Within the Self-assembled structure of Linear meta-Phenylene Diamine Based Bis-Urea Receptors: Positional Isomeric effect Crystal Growth &Design 2016 16 2893 2903
34 S. K. Dey, A. Basu, R. Chutia, G. Das Anion Coordinated Capsules and Pseudocapsules of Tripodal Amide, Urea and Thiourea Scaffolds (REVIEW) RSC Advances 2016 6 26568 26589
35 A. H. Malik,P. K. Iyer Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Based Sensitive Detection and Removal of Antibiotics Tetracycline from Water ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017 9 4433 4439
36 B. Muthuraj,S. Mukherjee,C. Patra, P. K. Iyer Amplified Fluorescence from PolyfluoreneNanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced Enhanced Emission for Live Cell Imaging and Cancer Theranostics ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 8 32220 32229
37 T. BhimRaju, J. V. Vaghasiya,M. A. Afroz,S. S. Soni, P. K. Iyer Influence of m-fluorine Substituted Phenylene Spacer Dyes in Dyesensitized Solar Cells Organic Electronics 2016 39 371 379
38 T. BhimRaju, J. V. Vaghasiya,M. A. Afroz,S. S. Soni, P. K. Iyer Design, Synthesis and DSSC performance of o-fluorine substituted phenylene spacer sensitizers: Effect of TiO2 thickness variation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2016 18 28485 28491
39 P. Gopikrishna, P. K. Iyer Mono-Substituted Dibenzofulvenebased Luminogens: AggregationInduced Emission Enhancement and Dual-State Emission. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2016 120 26556 26568
40 A. Kalita, S. Hussain, A. H. Malik, U. Barman, N. Goswami, P. K. Iyer Anion exchange induced strong ?-? interactions in single crystalline naphthalene diimide for nitroexplosive sensing: An electronic prototype for visual on-site detection ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 8 38 25326 25336
41 N. Meher, S. R. Chowdhury, P. K. Iyer Aggregation Induced Emission Enhancement and Growth of NaphthalimideNanoribbons via JAggregation: Insight into Disaggregation Induced Unfolding and Detection of Ferritin at Nanomolar Level Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2016 4 6023 6031
42 S. Hussain, A. H. Malik, P. K. Iyer FRET-assisted selective detection of flavins via cationic conjugated polyelectrolyte under physiological conditions. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2016 4, 4439 4446
43 S. Vasimalla, N. V. V. Subbarao, P. K. Iyer Low voltage, low cost, flexible and balanced ambipolar OFETs based on Br2PTCDI-C18/CuPc fabricated on an Al foil gate substrate with good ambient stability. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016 4 7102 7109
44 A. S. Tanwar, S. Hussain,A. H. Malik, M. A. Afroz, P. K. Iyer Inner Filter Effect Based Selective Detection of Nitroexplosive-Picric Acid in Aqueous Solution and Solid Support Using Conjugated Polymer. ACS Sensors 2016 1 1070 1077
45 S. R. Chowdhury, M. Agarwal, N. Meher, B.Muthuraj, P. K. Iyer Modulation of Amyloid Aggregates into Nontoxic Coaggregates by Hydroxyquinoline Appended Polyfluorene. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 8 13309 13319
46 A. H. Malik, S. Hussain, P. K. Iyer Aggregation-Induced FRET via Polymer-Surfactant Complexation: A New Strategy for the Detection of Spermine. Anal. Chem. 2016 88 7358 7364
47 A. Kalita,A. Dey, P. K. Iyer Effect of inorganic/organic dual dielectric layer on the morphology and performance of n-channel OFETs. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2016 18 12163 12168
48 T. R. Chetia, M. S. Ansari, M. Qureshi Graphitic carbon nitride as a photovoltaic booster in quantum dot sensitized solar cells: A synergistic approach for enhanced charge separation and injection Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2016 4 15 5528 5541
49 A. Banik, M. S. Ansari, T. K. Sahu, M. Qureshi Understanding the role of silica nanospheres with their light scattering and energy barrier properties in enhancing the photovoltaic performance of ZnO based solar cells Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2016 18 40 27818 27828
50 D. Dev, J. Chandra, N. B.Palakurthy, K.Thalluri, T.Kalita, B. Mandal Benzoxazole and Benzothiazole Synthesis from Carboxylic Acid in Solution and on Resin by Ethyl 2- cyano-2-(2-nitrobenzenesulfonyloxyimino) acetate and para-Toluenesulfonic Acid Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 5 5 663 675
51 L.Gelis, N.Jovancevic, S. Veitinger, B. Mandal, H.-D. Arndt, E. M. Neuhaus, H.Hatt Functional Characterization of the Odorant Receptor 51E2 in Human Melanocytes The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2016 291 17772 17786
52 B. Sharma, S.Kalita, A. Paul, B. Mandal, S. Paul The role of caffeine as an inhibitor in the aggregation of amyloid forming peptides: a unified molecular dynamics simulation and experimental study RSC Advances 2016 6 78548 78558
53 S. R. Manne, K.Thalluri, R. S. Giri, J. Chandra, B. Mandal Ethyl 2-(tert-Butoxycarbonyloxyimino)- 2-cyanoacetate (Boc-Oxyma): An Efficient Reagent for the Racemization Free Synthesis of Ureas, Carbamates and Thiocarbamates via Lossen Rearrangement Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis 2017 359 168 176
54 S.Kumar, A. Paul, S.Kalita, A. K. Ghosh, A. C. Mondal, B. Mandal Protective effects of ?-sheet breaker ?/? hybrid peptide against Amyloid ? induced neuronal apoptosis in vitro Chemical Biology and Drug Design 2016 1 13
55 A. Paul, S.Kalita, S.Kalita, P. Sukumar, B. Mandal Disaggregation of Amylin Aggregate by Novel Conformationally Restricted Aminobenzoic Acid containing ?/? and ?/? Hybrid Peptidomimetics Scientific Reports 2017 7 40095 1 13
56 S. Panda, A. Roy, S. J.Deka, V. Trivedi, D. Manna Fused Heterocyclic Compounds as Potent Indoleamine-2, 3-dioxygenase 1 Inhibitors ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2016 7 12 1167 1172
57 S. J.Deka, N.Mamdi, D. Manna, V. Trivedi Alkyl Cinnamates Induce Protein Kinase C Translocation and Anticancer Activity against Breast Cancer Cells through Induction of the Mitochondrial Pathway of Apoptosis Journal of Breast Cancer 2016 19 4 358 371
58 S. J.Deka, A. Roy, V.Ramakrishnan, D. Manna, V. Trivedi Danazol has potential to cause PKC translocation, cell cycle dysregulation, and apoptosis in breast cancer cells Chemical Biology & Drug Design 2017
59 S. J.Deka, S.Gorai, D. Manna, V. Trivedi Evidence of PKC Binding and Translocation to explain the anticancer mechanism of chlorogenic acid in breast cancer cells. Current molecular medicine 2017
60 S. Panda, P.Maity, D. Manna Transition Metal, Azide, and OxidantFree Homo-and Heterocoupling of AmbiphilicTosylhydrazones to the RegioselectiveTriazoles and Pyrazoles Organic Letters 2017
61 A.Saha, S. Panda, S. Paul, D. Manna Phosphate bioisostere containing amphiphiles: a novel class of squaramide-based lipids Chemical Communications 2016 60 52 9438 9441
62 M. C. Das, S. Paul, P. Gupta, P.Tribedi, S. Sarkar, D. Manna, S.Bhattacharjee 3?Amino?4?Aminoximidofurazan derivatives: small molecules possessing antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Journal of applied microbiology 2017
63 S. Paul, A. Roy, S. J.Deka, S. Panda, V. Trivedi, D. Manna Nitrobenzofurazan derivatives of N?- hydroxyamidines as potent inhibitors of indoleamine-2, 3-dioxygenase 1 European journal of medicinal chemistry 2016 121 364 375
64 R. K.Gogoi, K.Saha, J.Deka, D. Brahma, K.Raidongia Solvent-driven responsive bilayer membranes of clay and graphene oxide Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2017 5 3523 3533
65 K. P. Bhabak, D. Bhowmick Synthetic strategies of gold(I)- selenolates from ortho-substituted diaryldiselenides via selenol and selenenyl sulfide intermediates InorganicaChimicaActa 2016 450 337 345
66 A. Phukon, S. Ray, K. Sahu How Does Interfacial Hydration Alter during Rod to Sphere Transition in DDAB/Water/Cyclohexane Reverse Micelles? Insights from Excited State Proton Transfer and Fluorescence Anisotropy Langmuir 2016 32 6656 6665
67 A. Phukon, S. Ray, K. Sahu Effect of Cosurfactants on the Interfacial Hydration of CTAB Quaternary Reverse Micelle Probed Using Excited State Proton Transfer Langmui 2016 32 10659 10667
68 A. Buragohain, S. Couck, P. Van Der Voort, J. F. M. Denayer, S. Biswas Synthesis, Characterization and Sorption Properties of Functionalized Cr-MIL-101-X (X = -F, -Cl, -Br, -CH3, -C6H4, -F2, -(CH3)2) Materials Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2016 238 195 202
69 R. Dalapati, S. Biswas Post-synthetic modification of a metalorganic framework with fluorescent-tag for dual naked-eye sensing in aqueous medium Sensors and Actuators B 2017 239 759 767
70 M. SK, M. Grzywa, D. Volkmer, S. Biswas Zr(IV) and Ce(IV)-based metal-organic frameworks incorporating 4- carboxycinnamic acid as ligand: synthesis and properties Microporous Mesoporous Materials 2017 237 275 281
71 R. Dalapati, S. N. Balaji, V. Trivedi, L. Khamari, S. Biswas A dinitro-functionalized Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework as colorimetric and fluorogenic probe for highly selective detection of hydrogen sulphide Sensors and Actuators B 2017 245 1039 1049
72 B. Pradhan, S. K. Pathak, R. K. Gupta, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal,A. S. Achalkumar Star-shaped fluorescent Liquid Crystals derived from s-triazine and 1,3,4- oxadiazole moities Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016 4 6117 6130
73 S. K. Pathak, B. Pradhan, R. K. Gupta, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal,A. S. Achalkumar Aromatic ?-? Driven Supergelation, Aggregation Induced Emission and Columnar Self-assembly of Star-shaped 1,2,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016 4 6546 6561
74 S. K. Pathak, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal,A. S. Achalkumar Hexacatenars Exhibiting ?-? Driven Supergelation, Aggregation Induced Blue Light Emission and Thermochromism ChemistrySelect 2016 1 5107 5120
75 S. K. Pathak, B. Pradhan, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal,A.S.Achalkumar Liquid Crystalline Star-shaped Supergelator Exhibiting Aggregation Induced Blue light Emission Langmuir 2016 32 9301 9312
76 B. Pradhan, V. M. Vaisakh, G. G. Nair, D. S. Shankar Rao, S. K. Prasad, A. S. Achalkumar Effect of Atomic scale Difference on the Self-assembly of Thiophene based Polycatenars in Liquid Crystalline and Organogel state Chemistry - A European Journal 2016 22 17843 17856
77 B. Pradhan, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal,A. S. Achalkumar Multifunctional hexacatenarmesogen exhibiting supergelation, AIEE and its ability as a potential volatile acid sensor Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016 4 9669 9673
78 R. K. Gupta, D. Das, M. Gupta, S. K. Pal, P. K. Iyer, A. S. Achalkumar Electroluminescent Room Temperature Columnar Liquid Crystals Based On bay-Annulated Perylenetetraesters Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2017 5 1767 1781
79 B. Pradhan,N. Chakraborty, R. K. Gupta, G. Shanker, A. S. Achalkumar Nonsymmetrical cholesterol dimers constituting regioisomericoxadiazole and thiadiazole cores: an investigation on structure-property correlation New Journalof Chemistry 2017 41 879 888
80 S. Mahato, C. K. Jana Classical-Reaction-Driven Stereo- and Regio-selective C(sp3)-H Functionalization of Aliphatic Amines The Chemical Record 2016 16 1477 1488
81 S.Mahato, A. Singh, L.Rangan, C. K. Jana Synthesis, In silico studies and In vitro evaluation for antioxidant and antibacterial properties of diarylmethylamines: A novel class of structurally simple and highly potent pharmacophore European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 2016 88 202 209
82 R.Rakshit, C. Mukherjee Secondary Interaction versus Intramolecular ?-? Interaction in Cu(II)- Diradical Complexes EuropeanJournal of Inorganic Chemistry 2016 55 2731 2737
83 P. Sarkar, A. Tiwari, A.Sarmah, S.Bhandary, R. K. Roy, C. Mukherjee An Elusive Vinyl Radical Isolated as an Appended Unit in a Five-Coordinate Co(III)-Bis(Iminobenzosemiquinone) Complex Formed via Ligand-Centered C-S Bond Cleavage Chemical Communications 2016 52 10613 10616
84 M. K.Mondal, C. Mukherjee An Unprecedented One-Step Synthesis of Octahedral Cu(II)-Bis(iminoquinone) Complexes and their Reactivity with NaBH4 Dalton Transactions 2016 45 13532 13540
85 M. K.Mondal, A. Tiwari, C. Mukherjee A Solid-State Valence Tautomeric Octahedral {CoII[(BQ-N-Cat)]2} 0 Complex Formation via LigandCentered Phenolic C-O Bond breaking and Co-O Bond making Chemical Communications 2016 11995 11998
86 U. Ghosh, S. S. Bag, C. Mukherjee Bis-pyridobenzene as a fluorescence light-up sensor for Hg2+ ion in water Sensors and Actuators B 2017 238 903 907
87 G. C. Paul, S. Banerjee, C. Mukherjee Dioxygen Reactivity of an Iron Complex of 2-AminophenolAppendedLigand:Crystallographic Evidence of the Aromatic Ring Cleavage Product of the 2-Aminophenol Unit Inorganic Chemistry 2017 56 729 736
88 A. Mukherjee, D.Srimani, Y. Ben?David, D. Milstein Low?Pressure Hydrogenation of Nitriles to Primary Amines Catalyzed by Ruthenium Pincer Complexes. Scope and mechanism Chem Cat Chem 2017 9 4 559 563
89 B.Pramanik, J. Hassan Mondal, N.Singha, S. Ahmed, J.Mohanty, D. Das A Viologen-Perylenediimide Conjugate as an Efficient Base Sensor with Solvochromic Property. ChemPhysChem 2017 18 245 252
90 S. Ahmed,N.Singha, B.Pramanik, J. Hassan Mondal, D. Das Redox Controlled Reversible Transformation of a Supramolecular Alternating Copolymer to Radical Cation Containing Homo-polymer Polymer Chemistry 2016 7 4393 4401
91 S. K. Behera, A. Murkherjee, G. Sadhuragiri, P. Elumalai, M. Sathiyendiran, M. Kumar, B.B. Mandal, G. Krishnamoorthy Aggregation induced enhanced and exclusively highly Stokes shifted emission from an excited state intramolecular proton transfer exhibiting molecule Faraday Discussions 2017 196 71 90
92 A. Malakar, M. Kumar, A. Reddy, H.T. Biswal, B. B. Mandal, G. Krishnamoorthy Aggregation Induced Enhanced Emission of2-(2'-Hydroxyphenyl) benzimidazole: A Combined Photochemical &Photobiological Sciences 2016 15 7 937 948
93 S. Paul Can Trimethylamine-N-Oxide Act to Influence the Self-Aggregation of tertButyl Alcohol? Molecular Physics 2016 114 13 2098 2107
94 P. K.Nayak, P.Dehury, S. Paul, T. Banerjee Evaluation of Deep Eutectic Solvent for the Selective Extraction of Toluene and Quinoline at T=308.15 K and p=1 bar Fluid Phase Equilibria 2016 423 146 155
95 B. Sharma , S. Paul Action of Caffeine as an Amyloid Inhibitor in the Aggregation of Abeta16-22 Peptide Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2016 120 34 9019 9033
96 B. Sharma, S. Paul Role of caffeine as an inhibitor in aggregation of hydrophobic molecules: A molecular dynamics simulation study Journal of Molecular Liquids 2016 224 930 939
97 G.Borgohain, S. Paul Temperature Mediated Switching of Protectant-Denaturant Behavior of Trimethylamine-N-Oxide and Consequences on Protein Stability from a Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study Molecular Simulation 2017 43 1 52 64
98 G.Borgohain, S. Paul Effect of Non Polar Confinement on Protein Trp Cage Conformation in Aqueous Osmolyte Solutions Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017 231 174 184
99 G.Borgohain, S. Paul Folding/Unfolding of Protein Trp Cage Conformation in Aqueous Osmolyte Solutions Under Polar Confinement Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017 233 431 441
100 U. Nath, S. C. Pan Organocatalytic Asymmetric Tamura Cycloaddition with ?- Branched Nitroolefins: Synthesis of Functionalized 1-Tetralones. Organocatalytic Asymmetric Tamura Cycloaddition with ?- Branched Nitroolefins: Synthesis of Functionalized 1-Tetralones. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 6 3262 3269
101 R.Maity, C.Gharui, A. K. Sil, S. C. Pan Organocatalytic Asymmetric Michael/Hemiketalization/Retero-aldol Reaction of ?-Nitroketones with Unsaturated Pyrazolones: Synthesis of 3-Acyloxy Pyrazoles Organic Letters 2017 19 3 662 665
102 R.Maity, S. C. Pan Dienamine-Mediated Asymmetric Inverse-Electron-Demand Hetero-DielsAlder Reaction of Linear DeconjugatedEnones: DiversityOriented Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydropyrans European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 2017 4 871 874
103 K.Mondal, S. C. Pan Lewis Acid Catalyzed [3+3] Annulation of Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes with ?-Hyroxyenones: Access to Highly Functionalized Tetrahydropyrans European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 2017 3 534 537
104 K.Mondal, B.Mondal, S. C. Pan Organocatalytic redox isomerization of electron-deficient allylic alcohols: Synthesis of 1,4-ketoaldehydes The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 81 11 4835 4840
105 R.Unnava, M. J. Deka, A. K. Saikia Synthesis of Highly Substituted PyrazoleN-Oxide and Pyrazole from Propargyl amine Asian Journal of Organic chemistry 2016 5 528 536
106 P. Ghosh, A. K. Kautarya, A. K. Saikia Synthesis of 4-Trifluoromethanesulfonate Substituted 5,6- Dihydropyrans and Their Application in Various C-C Coupling Reactions RSC Advances 2016 6 44774 44781
107 R. Unnava, A. K. Saikia Synthesis of Substituted PyrazoleNOxide and Pyrazole from Propargyl Amine ChemistrySelect 2016 1 1816 1823
108 U.Borthakur, M. J. Deka, A. K. Saikia Synthesis of Tetrahydro-1H-indeno[1,2- b]pyridine via Cascade Cyclization and Friedel-Crafts Reaction The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016 81 8736 8743
109 M. J. Deka, U.BorthakurA. K. Saikia Highly Regioselective Synthesis of 4- Tosylthiomorpholine via Intramolecular Cyclization of N-Tethered Thioalkenols Organic Bio-molecular Chemistry 2016 14 10489 10495
110 P. Ghosh, M. J. Deka, M. Borah, A. K. Saikia Synthesis of dihydroindeno[1,2- c]isochromene via cascade cyclization and Friedel-Crafts reaction RSC Advances 2016 6 106656 106661
111 M. Borah, U. Borthakur,A. K. Saikia Diastereselective Synthesis of Substituted Morpholines from NTethered Alkenols: Total Synthesis of (+)-Chelonin A The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 82 1330 1339
112 S. S. Bag , S. K. Das, M. K. Pradhan, S. Jana Hybridization Accompanying FRET Event in Labeled Natural NucleosideUnnatural Nucleoside Containing Chimeric DNA Duplexes Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology B: Biology 2016 162 669 673
113 S. S. Bag, S. Jana, M. K. Pradhan Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Triazolyl-Donor/Acceptor Chomophores Decorated Unnatural Amino Acids and Application of Triazolylperylene Amino Acid in Sensing BSA Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2016 24 16 3576 3595
114 N. Behera, V. Manivannan Selective Recognition of Zn2+ Ion Using 2,4,-Bis(2-pyridyl)-5-(4- pyridyl)imidazole: Spectra and Molecular Structure Chemistry Select 2016 1 4016 4023
115 P. Barman, A. S. Faponle, A. K. Vardhaman, D. Angelone, A-M. Lohr, W.R. Browne, P. Comba, C. V. Sastri, S. P. de Visser Influence of Ligand Architechture in Tuning Reaction Bifurcation Pathways for Chlorite Oxidation by Non-Heme Iron Complexes Inorganic Chemistry 2016 55 10170 10181
116 P. Barman, P. Upadhyay, A.S. Faponle, J. Kumar, S.S. Nag, D. Kumar, C. V. Sastri, S. P. de Visser Deformylation Reaction by a NonHeme Manganese(III)-Peroxo Complex via Initial Hydrogen Atom Abstraction AngewandteChemie International Edition 2016 55 11091 11095
117 D. A. Laviska, T. Zhou, A. Kumar, T.J.Emge, K. Krogh-Jespersen, A.S. Goldman Single and Double C-H Activation of Biphenyl or Phenanthrene. An Example of C-H Addition to Ir(III) More Facile than Addition to Ir(I) Organometallics 2016 35 1613 1623
118 A. Kumar, J. D. Hackenberg, G. Zhuo, A. M. Steffens, O.Mironov, R.J. Saxton, A. S. Goldman High yields of piperylene in the transfer dehydrogenation of pentane catalyzed by pincer-ligated iridium complexes Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 2016 426 368 375
119 H. Deka, S. Ghosh,S. Saha, K. Gogoi, B. Mondal Effect of ligand denticity on the nitric oxide reactivity of cobalt(II) complexes Dalton Transactions 2016 45 27 10979 10988
120 S. Ghosh, H. Deka, Y. B. Dangat,S. Saha, K. Gogoi, K. Vanka, B. Mondal Reductive nitrosylation of nickel(II) complex by nitric oxide followed by nitrous oxide release Dalton Transactions 2016 45 25 10200 10208
121 B. Das Screening of multicomponent crystals of L-tryptophan with three isomers of pyridinedicarboxylic acids Journal of Crystal Growth 2016 447 67 72