Analytical Instruments

Sr. No. Equipment Year of purchase Funding
(Institute / Sponsored project)
Status / Remarks
1 Refrigerated Centrifuge with accessories
Make: Eppendorf 
2020 Institute Functioning
2 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Make: Hitachi/Shimadazu/Agilent / Perkin Elmer    
2010-2019 Institute Functioning
3 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Make: Horiba    Model: Fluoromax -4C
2011-2019 Institute Functioning
4 FTIR Spectrophotometer
Make: PerkinElmer   Model: Spectrum Two  
2012-20 Institute Functioning
5 Atomic Force Microscope,
Make: Oxford Instruments
2018 MHRD sponsored COE-FAST project Functioning
6 Gas Chromatography System
Make: PerkinElmer     Model: Clarus 590
2018 Institute Functioning
7 Solvent Purification System
Make: MBraun     Model: SPS-800
2018 Institute Functioning
8 Pressure Vessel Systems 50 ML
Make: Parr Instrument Company, USA
2017 Institute Functioning
9 Ozone Generator and Oxygen Flow Regulator
Make: Eltech    Model: El-OZ-O-25 gm/hr
2017 Institute Functioning
10 Digital SMU with Potentiostat
Make: Keithley     Model: 2450 EC
2017 Institute Functioning
Make: Thermo Scientific   Model: Orion Star A214
2017 Institute Functioning
12 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Make: Metrohm AG
2017 Institute Functioning
13 400 MHz  FT NMR
Make: Bruker  Model: AVANCE 400
2016 MHRD sponsored COE-FAST project Functioning
14 500 MHz FT NMR
Make: Bruker   Model: AVANCE NEO 500
2019 DST-FIST program 2017 Functioning
15 Bench top Cascade Freeze Dryer system
Make: Labconco Corporation, USA,
2016 Institute Functioning
Make: Nikon  / Olympus
2016 Institute Functioning
(01 not working)
17 HPLC system
Make: Thermo / Agilent
2015, 2020 Institute Functioning
18 TCS PC Lifetime system with MCP detection (Make: Hariba Jobin, Model: Ultrafast-01-DD) 2015 Institute Functioning
19 Circular Dichroism 
Make: Jasco Model: J-1500
2015 DST-FIST program 2008 Functioning
(Generator not working)
20 Multifunctional Copy/Print/Scan/Fax Machine
Make: Kyocera, Model: TA-3551 ci
2014 Institute Functioning
21 Microwave Reactor
Make: CEM Corporation
2013 Institute Functioning
22 Nano particle Size, Zeta Potential, Molecular weight and measurement of zeta-potential of solid surface,  Make: Malvern , Zetasizer Nano ZS90) 2013 Institute Functioning
23 Bench-Top Powder X-ray Diffractometer
Make: Bruker , Model: D2 Phaser
2011 Institute Functioning
24 High Resolution Mass Spectrometer System (HRMS) Make: Agilent , Model: QTOF6520 2011 DST-FIST program 2008 Functioning
25 Thermogravimetric Analyzer with DTA capability
Make: TA Instruments, Model: Q SDT 600
2010 Institute Not Functioning
26 Differential Scanning Calometery (DSC) Analyzer
Make: Mettler Toledo / TA Instruments
2010 Institute Functioning
27 Spin Coater
Model: Spin150, Make: SPS
2010 Institute Functioning
28 Preparative Chromatography System
Make: Biotage, Model: Isolera One
2010 Institute Functioning
29 Electrochemical Analyzer
Make: CH Instruments, Model: CHI660A
2000 Institute Not Functioning