S. No. Title Faculty In-Charge(s) Link
1. Multiphysics Coupling in Energy Storage Amaresh Dalal
2. Design of Electric Vehicle Systems Karuna Kalita
3. Electricity Systems and Future Scenarios Pinakeswar Mahanta
4. Advances in Ultraprecision Machining Processes Shrikrishna N. Joshi
5. Green Material Forming and Joining R. Ganesh Narayanan
6. Boiling Heat Transfer Gautam Biswas
7. Advances in Combustion and Gasification Technology Pinakeswar Mahanta
8. Crystal Plasticity Modelling of Micro-Machining Processes Uday S. Dixit
9. Isothermal Near-Net Shape Forging of Aluminum Alloys Uday S. Dixit
10. Modeling and Simulation in Energy Storage Amaresh Dalal