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Prasenjit Khanikar

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Computing facility with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Computing facility with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)


  • Deepak Sharma

  • Research Interests : Optimization and Soft Computing Techniques for Design and Manufacturing, GPU Computing For FEA

  • Sachin S. Gautam

  • Research Interests : Nonlinear Finite Elements, Isogeometric Analysis, Computational Contact, Machine Learning Application in Computational Mechanics

  • Arup Nandy

  • Research Interests : Acoustics , Optimization , Magnetohydrodynamics , Finite Element Development and Analysis in Structure , Structural acoustic interaction , Electromagnetics , MEMS

  • Prasenjit Khanikar

  • Research Interests : Mechanical Metamaterials, High Entropy Alloys, High Strain Rate Deformation, Crystal Plasticity, Finite Element Analysis


  • Subhajit Sanfui (2024 batch alumnus)
  • FEA for Structural Analysis on GPUs

  • Shashi Kant Ratnakar (2024 batch alumnus)
  • GPU Computing Tool for Structural Optimization of 3D Continua with Geometrical Nonlinearity

  • Utpal Kiran (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Development of Parallel Computing Framework using Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) for Nonlinear Finite Element Method

  • Raktim Biswas (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Reliability Based Design Optimization

  • Dipjyoti Nath
  • Machine Learning

  • Sagar Hanamant Pawar (2021 batch alumnus)
  • Electromagnetic Forming and Perforation of Al Tubes

  • Dhiraj Sanghavijay Bombarde (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Mixed formulation, two field Hellinger-Reissner Principle, Isogeometric analysis, locking

  • Durgarao Kamireddy (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Finite Elements Methods in Electromagnetics

  • Sumit Kumar Das
  • Isogeometric Analysis

  • Samrat Tamuly (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Fabrication and High Strain Rate Deformation of High Entropy Alloys

  • Akshay Namdeo (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Quasi Static and Dynamic Deformation of Metallic Microlattice, Energy Absorbing Applications

  • Bikramjyoti Sahariah (2024 batch alumnus)
  • High Energy Absorbing Auxetic Metamaterials

  • Manash Jyoti Baishya
  • Manish Dalakoti
  • Gireesh N Sharma (2021 batch alumnus)
  • Theoretical & Experimental Evaluation of Thermoelastic Damping of High Q Resonator Shell of Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope (HRG) for Space Application.

  • Karthik Pandian (2024 batch alumnus)
  • Bending Fatigue Performance Evaluation of Nylon 66 Asymmetric Spur Gears .

  • Hritaban Acharya
  • Recent Publications:

    • Vishal Agrawal and Sachin Singh Gautam, 2020, "Varying-order NURBS discretization: An accurate and efficient method for isogeometric analysis of large deformation contact problems", Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 367, pp. 113125.

    • Subhajit Sanfui and Deepak Sharma, 2020, "A Three‐Stage GPU‐based FEA Matrix Generation Strategy for Unstructured Meshes", International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering, 121 (17), pp. 3824-3848.

    • Utpal Kiran, Sachin Singh Gautam and Deepak Sharma, 2020, "GPU-based Matrix-Free Finite Element Solver Exploiting Symmetry of Elemental Matrices", Computing, 102, pp. 1941–1965,

    • Raktim Biswas and Deepak Sharma, 2020, "A Single-Loop Shifting Vector Method with Conjugate Gradient Search for Reliability based-Design Optimization", Engineering Optimization, in press,

    • Sagar Powar, Sachin D. Kore, and Arup Nandy, 2021, "Loose Coupled Simulation Method for FEA of Electromagnetic Forming of Muffler", Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series C,  DOI:10.1007/s40032-020-00644-w

    • Durgarao Kamireddy and Arup Nandy, 2020, "Combination of Triangular and Quadrilateral Edge Element for the Eigenvalue Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation", European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 7(11), pp. 1656-1663

    • Sagar Pawar, Dinesh Ray, Sachin D. Kore and Arup Nandy, 2021,"Electromagnetic Forming and Perforation of Tubes: Modeling, Simulation and Validation", Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, pp.1-36. DOI: 10.1115/1.4049090

    • Prasanta Kumar Das, Vishal Kumar, and Prasenjit Khanikar, (2021), "Effect of Precipitates on Plastic Deformation Behavior of High Entropy Alloy Al0. 3CoCrFeNi Under High Strain Rate Loading", Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 143, DOI: 10.1115/1.4048607