Materials and Design in Mechanical Systems & Science and Technology in Traditional Systems

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S. Senthilvelan

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About Lab

In this lab, new materials and designs for some of the machine element and cutting process have been developed and evaluated. At present focus is on to understand the science behind traditional systems and development of suitable technology to support needy unattended traditional systems

Lab Equipments

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In-house developed power absorption gear test rig
In-house developed power absorption gear test rig

Bending fatigue test rig for polymer spur gears
Bending fatigue test rig for polymer spur gears


Air Compressor
Air Compressor




  • Sarita Bharti
  • Research Statement: Studies on polymer based gear under wet lubrication

  • Karthik Pandian
  • Research Statement: Experimental and numerical evaluation of bending fatigue performance of nylon spur gears (Co supervisor Dr. S. S. Gautam)

  • A S Ganesh Kumar
  • Title yet to decide

  • Post Graduated

  • Dr. C. Subramanian

    Research Statement: Design, Development and Performance of Thermoplastic Composite Leaf Springs (2011)

  • Dr. A. Muthuraja

    Research Statement: Development and Performance Evaluation of Tungsten Carbide based Self Lubricating Cutting Tool (2016)

  • Dr. A. Johnney

    Research Statement: Mertens Performance of Injection Molded Carbon Nano-Tube Polypropylene Asymmetric Gear (2016)

  • Dr. R. Kalidasan

    Research Statement: Experimental Investigations on Double Tool Turning Process (2017). (Co supervisor Dr. U. S. Dixit)

  • Dr. M. Kodeeswaran

    Research Statement: Bi-directionl bending fatigue and static transmission characteristics of polymer composite gears (2017).