Instrumentation and Control Laboratory

Department Lab

Laboratory Incharge:
Shrikrishna N. Joshi

Scientific Officer:
Dhruba Jyoti Bordoloi

Technical Staff:

Contact Number:
+91 361 2582664

About Lab

This lab performs calibration of pressure transducer/ gauge and other mechatronics apparatus, provides strain-gauge measurement facilities etc.

Lab Equipments

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Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester
Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester

DC Power supply
DC Power supply

Julabo Refrigerated and heating circulator
Julabo Refrigerated and heating circulator

Twin rotor mimo system
Twin rotor mimo system

Following are the machines/equipments in this Laboratory:

  1. Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester. [Make: Pressurements, UK]
  2. Industrial Amplified Pressure Transducer. [Make: Druck]
  3. SCXI-1102: 32 channel analog input module: SCXI 1121:4
  4. 3.5-Digit Handheld multimeter, 6.5 Digit Digital multimeter
  5. Type Thermocouple wire
  6. Strain Gauges
  7. Non-Contact Temperature Indicator
  8. DC Power supply
  9. DC motor: 1.5hp. Thyristor based controller for 0.5 hp dc motor. Thyristor based controller for 1.5 hp dc motor.
  10. Variac, 4 amp. Variac, 6 amp/li>
  11. Rotameter, 0-50 lpm rating, ½” NP for water. Rotameter, 0-50 lpm rating, 1”NP for water. Rotameter, 0-50 lmp rating, ½”NP for air. Rotameter, 0-50 lmp rating, 1”NP for air.
  12. E-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 mtrs. K-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100mtrs. J-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 m T-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 mtrs. E-Type thermocouple, 2.0m dia. – 10 m; Flexible heater tapes, 1000 W rating – 10 m.
  13. Temperature indicator with 4 digit readout suitable for RTD.
  14. Eurotherm make, microprocessor based, programmable temperature indicator.
  15. DC motor, 1.0 hp. Thyristor based controller for 1.0 hp d.c motor.
  16. 2 Analog and 16 digital 100-MHz mixed storage oscilloscope.
  17. Pitot probe: ¾ inch size. Piptot probe: 3/16 inch size. Pitot probe: 1/8 inch size.
  18. Julabo Refrigerated and heating circulator.
  19. Pressure gausses. 0-1 bar. 0-10 bar. 0-40 bar.
  20. Strain Gauge resistance.
  21. PXI 8186 controller, PXI 4472 analog input module, SCXI 1520 strain gauss module, PXI 6070E multi function i/o module, PXI 6733 wave for output module
  22. Twin rotor mimo system.

Link for Installation and demonstration of DOBOT CR 5 Robotic Arm: DOBOT CR-5 Installation and Programming