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Parijat Bhowmick

Dr. Parijat Bhowmick

Assistant Professor

Key Research Areas : Robust control, Negative-imaginary systems, Passivity-based control and Dissipativity, Vibration control of flexible structure systems, Cooperative control of multi-agent systems (including multi-robot systems), Control of Smart/Micro-grid systems using Cyber-Physical Systems approach.

Phone No: +91-361-258-2513 (Office) | Email: parijat.bhowmick@iitg.ac.in| Room No: 0102

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Robust Control of LTI Systems

Negative-imaginary (NI) theory

Passivity-based robust control

Vibration control of lightly-damped mechatronic systems

Dissipative systems and their control

Multi-agent Systems and Cooperative Control

Modelling of multi-agent systems

Distributed cooperative control of UGVs and UAVs

Autonomous Vehicle Platooning (New)

Cooperative Object Transportation (New)

Cooperative Control of Descriptor Multi-agent Systems (upcoming)

Robotics and control

Modelling and control of multi-robot systems

Bio-inspired Swarm Robotics (new)

Motion planning, clustering and obstacle-avoidance for multi-robot systems (New)

Control of Networked Microgrids

Control of networked microgrids using a cyber-physical systems approach (New)

Distributed Secondary and Tertiary Control of AC Microgrids

Control of Microgrids under Cyber-attack and Communication Delay (New)

EMS Design for Electric Vehicles with Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS-EVs)

Design of an Energy Management System (EMS) for HESS-EVs using a Robust Control Framework (New)

Robust Control of Power-electronic Convertors used in HESS-EVs (upcoming)

Control of Spacecraft and Missiles

Two-loop and Three-loop Lateral Missile Autopilot Design (upcoming)

Modelling and Control of Spacecraft (upcoming)