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Visitors from other Institutes/Universities/Organisations
Name of Visitor Title of Talk Affiliation Date
Prof. Subhasis Chaudhury Analysis of Videos of Social Gatherings IIT Bombay 08/04/2014
Ms. Kumid Srinivasan Possibilities in the Digital Age Intel India Pvt. Ltd. 20/3/2014
Dr. Shyam Vasudeva Rao Retinal Image Processing Maastricht University Medical Canter, Netherlands 12/3/2014
Dr. Lalit Kumar The activities of MTRDC and explore possibilities of future collaboration MTRDC, DRDO 04/12/2013
Dr. S. Christopher Airborne Survilliance System in India: Past, present and future Centre for Airborne Systems, DRDO 04/05/2013
Prof. Steve Renals Recognition and understanding of meetings CSTR, University of Edinburgh 13/12/2011
Prof. Herve Bourlad Analysis and understanding of communication scenes IDIAP,Switzerland 11/12/2011
Prof. Hynek Hermensky Dealing with unknown unknowns in speech John Hopkins University,US 08/12/2011
Prof. Itakura Invited talk Nagoya University Japan 09/08/2011
Prof. Peri baskararao Phonetic Essentials of Indian Languages and their Implication for Speech Technology Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 04/02/2011
Dr. C. Chandra Sekhar Statistical methods for speech enhancement IISc Bangalore 20/07/2010
Prof. T. V. Srinivas Wiener filtering based speech enhancement methods IISc Bangalore 05/06/2010
Prof. David Koilpillai Cognitive Radio IIT Madras 09/01/2010
Prof. Jagdish Kumar Nano Wires Transistors IIT Delhi 09/01/2010
Prof. B. Yegnanarayana Zero frequency filtering of speech signals IIIT Hyderabad 24/10/2009
Prof. B. Bandyopadhyay Output feedback based robust control algorithm IIT Bombay 10/07/2009