Semester: July-November 2013


  MA 101  Mathematics I (Linear Algebra, Calculus)  3-1-0-8




Lecture slides:  Slide-2,   Computing a basis of null space


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Semester: January-April 2013


  MA 102  Mathematics II (Multivariable Calculus)  3-1-0-8


  Tutorials:   Tutorial-1Tutorial-2, Tutorial-3, Tutorial-4, Tutorial-5, Tutorial-6, Tutorial-7


   Lecture slides:  Lect-slide-1, Lect-slide-2Lect-slide-3, Lect-slide-4, Lect-slide-5, Lect-slide-6,

     Lect-slide-7, Lect-slide-8, Lect-slide-9, Lect-slide-10, Lect-slide-11, Lect-slide-12, Lect-slide-13

     Lect-slide-14, Lect-slide-15




  March 28, 2013 :   Quiz-2, Quiz-2-sol (with marking scheme)


 Endsem-solution (with marking scheme): Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6