PH 405/PH 213

Quantum Mechanics I


Charudatt Kadolkar




Test Marks Date
Quiz 1 10 TBA
MidSem 30 24 Sept
Quiz 2 10 TBA
EndSem 50 26 Nov
Texts and References
  • S. Gasiorowicz,
    Quantum Physics,
    John Wiley (Asia) (2000).

  • R. Shankar
    Principles of Quantum Mechanics
    Springer (1994)

  • E. Merzbacher,
    Quantum Mechanics,
    John Wiley (Asia) (1999).

  • B. H. Bransden and C. J. Joachain,
    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics,
    Longman (1993)



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Mathematica Demonstrations


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