Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship (IPDF)

As per Institute's policy Department of Physics also admit young researchers as Institute Postdoctoral Fellows(IPDFs). Under this scheme, IPDF will carry out advanced research at IIT Guwahati with a faculty member of our deparment as a mentor. Due to limitation in the number of IPDFs, a faculty member can mentor maximum of one IPDF at a time.

Call for Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The advertisement Institute Post-Doctoral usually appears once in a year,in newspapers as well as institute web page ( To download the Guidelines for Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPDF) at IIT Guwahati in details, Please click Here.

Other Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Faculty members of our department are also accepting mentorship for young Post-Doctoral researchers under various schemes like N-PDF, sponsored project etc. Interested researchers are welcome to contact our faculty members for information.