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Syllabus (Core): M.Tech

Insulation and High Voltage Engineering

Code: EE 571 | L-T-P-C : 3-0-0

Introduction to HV engineering course and challenges & opportunities in electric power equipment industry; Insulation engineering: Insulation materials, Stresses on power apparatus insulation & insulation systems of various power apparatus; Fundamentals of Insulation Breakdown: Electrical breakdown in gases, liquid and solid dielectrics; Stress Control: Principles of stress control, Stress distribution in multiple dielectrics, Stress calculation; Generation of high voltages in laboratory: Generation of High voltage AC by cascading and series resonant system, High DC voltages, Multistage impulse generator circuits, Impulse current generator; Measurement of High Voltages : AC voltage, DC voltage, Impulse voltages; Non-Destructive Insulation Assessment: Schering bridge, Ampere turns bridge, Standard Capacitor, Partial discharge; Testing of Power apparatus: Non-destructive tests to check integrity of insulation of on various power apparatus, Impulse test of transformers.

Text Books:

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